An Open Letter to an Unknown Female Formerly of Remnant Church (On Wanting to be a Police Officer for the City of Richmond)

An open letter to a former member of Acts 29 Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia. This covenant member had planned to become a police officer for the city and Remnant allegedly intervened and told her that she could not do that. As a woman being a police officer was off limits. This is an open letter to that unknown female asking a lot of questions and my hope is that she is serving the city of Richmond today in law enforcement. 

“For every dark night, there’s a brighter day.”

Tupac Shakur

“The salvation of the world is in man’s suffering.”

William Faulkner

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.

Matthew 22:37-39 NIV 

Richmond skyline and Virginia War Memorial

To an unknown female formerly of Remnant- 

This is a most unusual open letter that I have written. I very much want to address it to a name but I don’t have one. What I do know is what happened to you at Remnant. II heard about it and it was troubling. I am hoping this open letter will spur you to contact me and I am hoping that the next time I am down in Richmond I can sit across from you at a table and find out what happened in detail. Here is what I do know about you. I know that you are very serious to Neo-Calvinist doctrine. You signed and became a covenant member of Acts 29’s Remnant. You did your role dutifully and submitted to church leadership. I also know that you were serious about your faith and commitment to Remnant. At some point you desired or wanted to become a police officer and the church stepped in and closed the door for you to become an officer. They said that you could not be a police officer because you are a female. In pain you left Remnant. That is about all I know. 

I have a lot of questions for you that I hope I can get answered one day. What exactly did Remnant tell you about why you couldn’t be a police officer? I have heard that Bryan Laughlin likes to have Josh Soto do his dirty work for him. Did Josh meet with you and tell you that you can’t become a police officer? Did Remnant remind you of your membership covenant and invoke that? Were you threatened with church discipline over your hopes to become a Richmond police officer? If you were threatened with church discipline how was it used and who did it? Did Josh Soto take such action? I know Acts 29 uses questionable church discipline because the organization is about control. Other questions that I have regard how you left Remnant. Did Remnant allow you to leave freely? Did you have problems getting out of your membership covenant? Did you go to another church in the Richmond area and did Remnant contact that church and invoke your membership covenant? Did the leadership at Remnant say information that was not true about you in the process? I ask all this because this happens frequently and routinely at other Acts 29 churches that I have written about here at The Wondering Eagle. 

What has happened to you since leaving Remnant? I know that people are showing up at East End Fellowship burned out and fried. Is that where you are at today? Does the thought of church today make you go to the restroom and want to vomit? How have you dealt with your experience there psychologically? I could keep going on but I have other things that I want to say to you that are also important. If your dream was to become a police officer for the city of Richmond I hope that came about. I hope that this post generates some discussion and shares amongst the employees of the Richmond Police Department. Wouldn’t it be neat if you read this on a break for your shift and you reached out and I heard about how you are enjoying life and how things are going well for you. While I do not know much about you I can only conclude that you are talented, brave and dedicated To become a police officer takes a lot of dedication and work. If you followed your dreams and heart I hope that things are going well. Who knows, maybe you are the Deborah for the city of Richmond! If you want to contact me my email address is This is going to be a brief letter and that is because I don’t have that much information to work with. I trust you are well and I wish you the best.

Please take care of yourself,

Very Respectfully,

David Bonner 

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