Images of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Golden Gate Bridge

These are some pictures I took when I was in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was in the city, Burlingame and also Marin County. San Francisco is an amazing city and beautiful. I hope you get a chance to travel there and see it one day. It has changed a lot since I last was in the city. 

“One day if I go to heaven, I’ll look around and say, ‘It ain’t bad but it ain’t San Francisco.‘”

San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Herb Caen

“The mystical structure, with its perfect amalgam of delicacy and power, exerts an uncanny effect. Its efficiency cannot conceal the artistry. There is heart there, and soul. It is an object to be contemplated for hours. “

Columnist Herb Caen on the Golden Gate Bridge

A good example of how the Golden Gate Bridge has played out in culture, movies and Hollywood. This is the scene from A View to a Kill on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. This was Roger Moore’s final performance as James Bond 007. 

This is going to be a brief post that is mostly pictures. I cannot believe how much San Francisco has changed. I remember going there in 1989 when I was young and as the United States invaded Panama seeing protesters on the streets. My high school French class saw Les Miserables at the Curran Theater. I also saw the San Francisco Ballet, which isn’t really my style. When I was growing up in California I thought I would always live there and as such I took much of it for granted. It became one of the bigger mistakes in my life. I should have gone to the coast more often, seen San Francisco more or take in Los Angeles. Its been over twenty years since I was last in San Francisco. When I saw it this time my jaw was on the ground. The level of growth and development is staggering. Cost of living is outrageous and much worse than the Washington, D.C. area. My cousin told me that its more expensive to live in the Bay Area then it is to live in New York City. 

San Francisco is in a boom of construction. The second tallest building on the west coast is being built, and its called the Sales Force Tower. I have a picture below. The classic skyscraper of the city, The Trans-america Building now is dwarfed by other buildings. And in all this construction you have the saga of the Millennium Tower. This skyscraper which was opened in 2009 was built with a flaw. Its now sinking and leaning to the Pacific Ocean. Joe Montana used to live in the building before being one of the people who sued. Its an issue that is playing out and there are no easy answers. My question is what will happen if there is another massive earthquake in the city? Will it collapse? What will happen. 

Of all the sight I saw in the Bay Area over the holidays none moved me then seeing the Golden Gate Bridge again. As a native Californian this bridge is what I think of when I think of my home state of California. Driving over it and staring at the bridge from an overlook is memorizing. I could have stared at the bridge for hours. Sadly the Golden Gate has attracted people from around the country and world who are suicidal. Despite that I find this bridge to be one of the neatest structures that exists in the United States. The colors of the bridge blend into the surrounding hills and it gives the city life. Its also popular in American culture and entertainment. When I was staring at the bridge I suddenly remembered the old James Bond movie A View to a Kill, where British Agent 007 fights the villain atop the Golden Gate. I actually found a clip on YouTube above. Enjoy the pictures, San Francisco I need to visit you soon. As Tony Bennett says,  I have left my heart. Love you guys! 

The former Southern Pacific station at Burlingame, California

Heading into San Francisco on the 101 

San Francisco Opera House on the left and State of California Building

Driving down Gary Street 

San Francisco Financial District 


SalesForce Tower, second tallest building on the west coast 

Golden Gate Bridge coming up the 101

Driving over the Golden Gate

Driving over the Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge 

Fog rolling in off the Pacific Ocean 

Golden Gate 

San Francisco through Golden Gate 

East approach to the Golden Gate as coming from Marin County

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