Before there was Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Matt Laurer and Others there was Brock Estes and Elverson. Was this Small Pennsylvania Town Ahead of the National Issue When it Comes to Sexual Misconduct?

A post about the situation in Elverson, Pennsylvania with Brock Estes. Is Elverson, ahead of the national curve when it came to disgust and anger over the issue of sexual misconduct and abuse? While I believe Elverson was ahead of the national movement in the United States the following question remains. If Harvey Weinstein lost his job over alleged sexual misconduct, will Brock Estes at one point also lose his job? What about the role Steve Estes or Merle and David Stoltzfus played in the situation? 

“To those who abuse: the sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators: blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest. “

Flora Jessop    

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.

Edmund Burke

“Justice is a joy to the godly, but it terrifies evildoers.”

Proverbs 21:15 NLT 

Brock Estes 

On October 5 and 6, 2017 The New York Times reported that Harvey Weinstein had Ashley Judd go to her room in a hotel and asked for a message, or she could watch him shower. There were many other stories of sexual harassment or misconduct that spanned three decades. In time people also learned about allegations of rape as well. The Harvey Weinstein story  would become a bombshell and have long lasting consequences on American society and culture. The New York Times, which has been publishing since 1851 and has won 122 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper in the United States helped influence American culture and in the process the #MeTo movement emerged. These are some of the other stories of sexual misconduct that have emerged from Hollywood, politics, media, culture and more. 

  1. Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault and the situation with him keeps growing. He has lost acting jobs because of the credible allegations. 
  2. James Toback the well known Hollywood screen writer was accused of sexual harassment in a story broken by the Los Angeles Times. After running the story 300 women contacted the Los Angeles Times to share their story of James Toback.
  3. Ben Affleck  known for his roles in Good Will Hunting, The Sum of All Fears, and many other Hollywood films was accused of sexual harassment. He acknowledged it and apologized on Twitter.
  4. Louis C.K. dealt with sexual harassment in masturbating in front of women.
  5. Dustin Hoffman the actor known for his work in Tootsie, Rain Man and The Graduate faced accusations of sexual harassment.
  6. John Lasseter from Pixar was accused of sexual misconduct.
  7. Brett Ratner, the Hollywood director of movies such as X-Men and Rush Hour was accused of sexual harassment and more.
  8. Steven Segal, the actor known for action flicks such as Under Siege, Under Siege II, and Above the Law was allegedly accused of sexual harassment and threatening behavior.
  9. Tom Sizamore who acted in films such as Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Dawn was accused of molestation during shooting a film in Hawaii in 2003.
  10. George Takei from Star Trek who is known in the gay community is accused of allegedly engaging in sexual assault of a male model.
  11. The 41st President George H. W. Bush who served in the White House from 1989 until 1993 is accused of groping women.
  12. Well known Congressman from Michigan John Conyers is faced allegations of settling sexual harassment and misconduct allegations from the past. Conyers, a Congressman from Michigan resigned from political office. 
  13. Mark Helperin, a journalist who covered politics for ABC News and worked for NBC and MSNBC was accused of sexual harassment. He was later fired from NBC. 
  14. Glenn Thrush of the New York Times and formerly Politico was accused of being in appropriate with women in a bar setting. Glen admitted that he was a recovering alcoholic. Glen was later suspended and will be reassigned to a less glamorous position and is taking a cut. 
  15. Michael Oreskes from NPR was accused of unwanted sexual advances from females in his work place. Oreskes later resigned from NPR. 
  16. Then you also have Charlie Rose which was broken by the Washington Post. Rose walked around naked in front of women and was in appropriate. He was fired from CBS and PBS.
  17. Then you have Donald Trump who boasted of grabbing women by the pussy and boasting of sexual assault. 
  18. The last one I will mention is Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Moore has been accused of alleged sexual assault and of once asking a 14 year old girl to touch his erect penis. Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate race 

Most of the information above came out in the time frame of October 2017 to the present day. Sexual misconduct, and assault became a major issue. So much so that Time magazine named the movement of women who broke the silence about sexual assault and harassment as the person of the year.  But I want to ask a question. Was Elverson ahead of the curve on this issue? Did many people’s outrage and anger precede the national movement by about two or three years? After all before there was Harvey Weinstein there was Brock Estes. Let’s remember what Brock did. 


Remembering Brock’s Alleged Rape, Pointing a Loaded Gun at His Wife, and Hurit Knowing that She Could be Dead

Brock Estes is the son of Steve Estes. He is also the nephew of Merle and David Stoltzfus. Brock had many problems in life. He actually blamed his wife Hurit and said that is she exercised more it would help with his pornography problem. Then there was Brock’s drinking. Brock had a reputation as a hard drinker and allegedly is an alcoholic. He used alcohol to medicate his sleeping disorder. One day after playing golf Brock drank so much that when he came home he allegedly raped his wife. When Matt Carter heard what happened he considered it rape. Brock drank so much alcohol that he was passed out in a bed for two days time.  Remember Brock has a sleep disorder, but in another time in their brief marriage Hurit woke up and saw her husband standing next to her bed and allegedly loading a gun and pointing it at her. Brock allegedly threw the loaded gun after waving it around the room. Hurit went and slept on the couch. The following morning Brock’s wife knew that she could have be dead from her husband. Then in another incident Brock put his wife in a headlock and allegedly began to choke her to the point that she could not breath. Hurit also decided because of Brock’s problems and the alleged violence that she didn’t want to have kids. Any child introduced into this environment would also be at risk. Remember when Brock boasted of his gun collection on Facebook? I have that picture below. 

Brock’s gun collection 

After Hurit filed for divorce, Steve Estes coached a church through a church discipline situation. He worked at protecting Brock. Then you had Merle going around saying over and over, “We have to protect Brock! We have to protect Brock!” In the end many people in the church chose to protect Brock instead of doing the right thing. But there were many people who were angry and livid. Let’s stop and reflect on how some people responded to Brock’s behavior. 


How Some in the Community Responded to the Situation and Challenged Steve Estes, Merle and David Stoltzfus 

A number of residents of Elverson and Morgantown and nearby communities reacted with outrage to the ongoing situation. When Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson held an excommunication service some people were outraged and walked out. Others confronted Merle Stolzfus and had loud verbal altercations with him. Some individuals have some of the most difficult conflict in verbally fighting with Merle. Others confronted Steve Estes and called him out. Many people resigned in protest. And some of you in the area contacted me since I write about the EFCA. Over a two year period many people left Community Evangelical Free because of the situation. I believe the count now is over 200 people who have left. People are still leaving and I am still getting contacted as people are still reading the posts that have been written. 

All of this happened from 2014 onward up until today. The outrage over what Brock did, and the way the church leadership responded is significant. The question must be asked…was Elverson, Pennsylvania ahead of the national outrage over sexual misconduct? Hands down I have to say yes…Elverson was ahead of the situation and in a good way. The outrage that people had over the situation is good and from what I am hearing there has been a lot of talk in the community about domestic violence and abuse. That said there is one key difference between between Brock Estes and people like Harvey Weinstein that we need to discuss. 


Will Brock Ever Lose his Job at the Berk County Jail? What About Steve Estes and the Stoltzfus Clan? 

Many of the people listed above lost their job, position of influence or more. Harvey Weinstein was fired and he is facing investigation for rape. Kevin Spacey lost acting jobs and was edited out of a movie. Matt Lauer was fired from his job at NBC. Glenn Thrush was suspended from the New York Times and when he returns to the job he will be severely demoted. In many of the above situations people were punished for what they did. 

What about Brock Estes, Merle Stoltzfus, David Stolztfus, and Steve Estes?

The last I heard Brock still worked at the Berk County jail. Why hasn’t Brock been terminated from his position? After all the question remains..if Brock can allegedly point a gun a gun at his wife then what could he do to a prison inmate? And if an inmate is being abused the inmate is vulnerable due to his position. But why hasn’t Brock been terminated from his position? 

Why hasn’t Steve Estes been forced to step down? Steve enabled his son Brock and orchestrated the alleged cover up? Why is Steve still a pastor? 

Why hasn’t Merle Stolztfus stepped down from his role at Community Evangelical Free Church? Why hasn’t he faced any repercussions for his role in the alleged cover up? 

Why hasn’t David Stolztfus faced any repercussions for his role in the situation at Community Evangelical Free? 

Often times Christians say that justice will happen in the next world. This is just me speaking but for once in my life I would like to see some form of justice in this world. I would like to know that someone was punished for their alleged criminal activity. That holds true here as well. There are times in my life that I just want to see justice take place, and observe it. But with that I am still optimistic the situation in Elverson is still playing out and a lot can still happen. That is it for the day Elverson, please know that I love you guys!