An Open Letter to Kenji Adachi (Senior Pastor of Acts 29 All Peoples Community Church in Fairfax, Virginia on my Concerns about your Fellowship Memphis Training and Other Issues)

This is an open letter to Kenji Adachi of All Peoples Community Church in Fairfax, Virginia. This looks at an Acts 29 church that was planted with help by Fellowship Memphis. Fellowship Memphis had a deeply disturbing scandal that allegedly involved voyeurism and child pornography. Where does Kenji stand on the situation? This also looks at other issues and his authoritarian behavior on Twitter. The Wondering Eagle will be writing a lot about this church in the course of time. 

“A man can seldom — very, very, seldom — fight a winning fight against his training; the odds are too heavy.

Mark Twain 

“This is the culture you’re raising your kids in. Don’t be surprised if it blows up in your face.”

Marilyn Mansion 

Let their lying lips be silenced,
    for with pride and contempt
    they speak arrogantly against the righteous.

Psalm 31:18 NIV

Kenji Adachi blocking on Twitter 

John Bryson with Rick Trotter. What did Kenji Adachi know about the Fellowship Memphis scandal? 



I was going through Twitter the other day and checking out a lot of feeds and news for a number of churches in the Washington, D.C. area. I checked yours and noticed that I am blocked. I have the screen shot up above. You don’t know what the Barbara Streisand effect is on the internet so you better read the following post, as you will learn about it.  “The Juvenile Behavior of Marc Ramirez, Tim Sheare, Karl Dyrli and Fellowship Church in Dallas, Pennsylvania on Twitter.”  I have been meaning to do an open letter to you about my concerns about your Acts 29 church. And there are multiple, but in light of your behavior I have to say that Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis has trained you well. The authorterian nature, the inability to handle a few Tweets, and being drunk on authoritarianism is now in play. So let’s kick this letter off and let me express my concerns about All Peoples Community Church in the Fairfax, Virginia area. 

First let’s have a frank discussion on Fellowship Memphis. Here is your smiling face in the internet archive for Fellowship Memphis in 2016. You participated and were involved in Fellowship Memphis while the church was in the midst of an alleged cover up. While the scandal at Fellowship Memphis happened in 2010 it erupted in the media in 2016 right after you left Fellowship Memphis. However some of the staff knew and talked to each other about what happened. The question I have for you Kenji is did you hear about what Fellowship Memphis allegedly did and turn a blind eye?  Here is the dark scandal at Fellowship Memphis. The worship pastor Rick Trotter a few years earlier had allegedly recorded videos of females in the church restroom. In the process I believe he allegedly made child pornography because at least two of the girls caught on video were underage. He was caught, quietly let go, made the victims forgive him and Fellowship helped him get a job at Richard Rieves Downtown Church. I wrote about the issue in “The Sordid Tale of Rick Trotter, Bryan Loritts, John Bryson and Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Presbyterian Church.” You can also read the update on Rick Trotter being indicted for his alleged criminal activity, this happened not long ago.  “Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis Update: Rick Trotter is Indicted for Unlawfully Recording Women at Richard Rieves Downtown Church; Plus Memphis Second Presbyterian Pastor Sandy Willson who was Warned about Rick Trotter has Retired.Where do you stand on this issue Kenji? After all Fellowship Memphis is one of the key churches sponsoring you. They trained you as you were the church planting resident. I have heard from some of my Fellowship Memphis sources of various staff which allegedly knew of the situation and the alleged cover up with Rick Trotter. Where do you stand in this mess? The story broke in August of 2016 in the Memphis Commercial Appeal and you were involved in Fellowship Memphis beforehand for a good chunk of time. Did you hear about what happened and dismissed it? Was your dream of a church plant more important to you then stories of women allegedly being violated in the church restroom by illicit recordings of them? Where do you stand on this issue Kenji? With how church culture works does this scandal have the capacity to now duplicate itself in the Washington, D.C. area? If a similar scandal occurred at All People’s Community Church would a similar situation develop? Instead of going to law enforcement would things be handled inside the church in a nefarious manner and swept under the carpet? I am asking this questions because that is exactly how John Bryson’s Fellowship acted. Laws were allegedly broken. That introduction to Romans 13 about submitting to the state? Ah to hell with it! Our church plant is more important that following the law. I noticed on your website that you are trying to hide your connections to Fellowship Memphis. On this internet archive page you can see your connections to Fellowship Memphis. 

Here is another point of concern. Its my belief that one of the biggest problems in modern evangelicalism is with child sex abuse. How are your child protection guidelines at All Peoples Community Church ? I think this question has much more weight given the Fellowship Memphis scandal. What methods do you have in place to protect young children and keep questionable entities from interacting with them? When I think of how Fellowship Memphis conducted itself my deepest fear is that one day I will read in the Washington Post or hear on WTOP about a like minded situation occurring at All Peoples Community Church. I say this because of the culture that shaped or molded you. To be honest Kenji I don’t have any respect for Fellowship Memphis.  After all Fellowship Memphis also allegedly hired Peter Newman while he was awaiting trial for molestation at Kamp Kanakuk in Branson, Missouri.   So I have a number of questions, would All Peoples’ Community Church bring on staff someone awaiting trial for allegations of child molestation?  What is All Peoples Community Church policy with background checks? How are people vetted? What about sex offenders? What do you do with sex offenders who want to get involved? These are reasonable questions to ask when I consider how Fellowship Memphis trained you Kenji Adachi. They are difficult I admit that but they really they deserve to be discussed and asked. I don’t want to write about a child sex abuse scandal at your Acts 29 church. I don’t enjoy writing about those topics at all. But these are questions which are fair game to inquire. 

Kenji withe the current state of McLean Bible (MBC) I am not surprised that New City Network also helped sponsor you. MBC has been theologically hijacked. A coup has taken place. I am getting contacted by former members and attenders as the refugee process begins and people are made spiritually homeless. But the sorry state of MBC has allowed your church plant to go forward. Kenji, All Peoples Community Church is nothing but a business. Church planting for people like yourself is nothing but a jobs program. Can you come out and admit that? Or must a Neo-Calvinist be dishonest about that process as well. In light of some of the issues I have written above there is one thing that you really should do. Especially as you were supported by Fellowship Memphis. If you were want to have show that you have sound doctrine. If you want to honor the Bible and the Lord you claim to serve. If you care about the people in the area of Fairfax , Fair Oaks and probably Centreville you will do the following. You would shut down your racket and by that act you would honor the Lord. I would be impressed. Not just that but you would show to me that you respect and honor scripture. I am not holding my breath but I would love to be proven wrong by seeing you do the right thing. John Bryson and Ricky Jenkins didn’t do the right thing in Fellowship Memphis. 

I want to let you know Kenji that this blog is going to be writing about All Peoples Community Church on a regular basis over the course of time. I am going to be looking into the issues going on and more. If a person faces wrongful church discipline this blog will give them a platform. If there are problems with child sex abuse being handled in the wrong manner and i hear about it, this blog will write about it. If there are issues with the Acts 29 network involving your church I will write about it. Now on the flip side if you actually do the right thing and I hear about that and I am impressed I will also write about that as well. Truth is, after my experiences in talking, reading and writing about Acts 29 I am not expecting that to happen. Why do I do that? Because it spares people pain and spiritual abuse. I once learned why rape and sexual assault are a problem in the military. It happened with current Acts 29 Redeemer Arlington. If you have any questions go seek out Jordan Kauflin. But for all the pain, trauma and PTSD I endured the peace I do get is when I meet with someone and they say that they stayed out of this Acts 29 church, or this former Sovereign Grace church or more because of something that I wrote that they read. Those are things that give me peace in the end, because that is someone who won’t go through the BS and hell hat I did. So I am going to be writing about you going forward on a more regular basis. This open letter to you explains my concerns. Now you know what they are and based upon that you can expect to see posts around some of the themes above tagging your website. When people Google All Peoples Community Church they will find these posts as well, which will give them more information. Knowledge is power. When I think of what social media did in the Arab Spring I am comfortable with what it can do to Acts 29 or more. 

That is it for the day, I hope you enjoy your Holiday season. 

Very Respectfully, 

David Bonner 


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  1. Oh my goodness, I guess you could call a pastor who knowingly hires a child molester, a ‘molester by proxy’ . . . . . I mean like who would do that?????
    Hard to believe it happens but apparently it has and it does.


    • Christiane we don’t know. Also Kenji never hired a molester at All Peoples. I want to be crystal clear about that fact. Fellowship Memphis hired Peter Newman. The point of this post is to ask what did Kenji Adachi know about the alleged criminal activity at Fellowship Memphis? Kenji left Fellowship Memphis right before the scandal with Rick Trotter broke. The situation with Rick Trotter at Fellowship Memphis happened in 2010. That was when Trotter allegedly engaged in voyeurism. He was caught, quietly let go and the church made the victims forgive him. In 2011 Trotter became a part-time sub contractor for Richard Rieves Downtown Church. In 2014 Rick Trotter went full time and allegedly resumed his voyeurism. He was caught in 2016 and the Memphis Police were brought into the picture. Rick Trotter is not a child molester, he allegedly engaged in voyeurism. He recorded women in the bathroom at two churches. The question I have is what did Kenji Adachi know about the situation at Fellowship Memphis? If he was there from late 2015 until late 2016 did he hear about the cover up? Church staffs gossip and people share information. At any point in the year of 2016 did someone tell Kenji about the alleged crimes that Rick Trotter committed at Fellowship Memphis? If that occurred how did he respond? Did he dismiss it and say that it is in the past?

      And to be fair to Kenji he also may not have known. I hope that is the case. Maybe he learned about all this after he left. Either way the question still stands how does Kenji view Fellowship Memphis in light of all the issues hemorrhaging from it? It appears he may be trying to distancing himself from Fellowship Memphis. I do not know.


    • One more thought. Due to the nature of the sex crime that was allegedly committed at Fellowship Memphis by Rick Trotter and Fellowship Memphis hiring Peter Newman its even more important to ask about the child sexual safety practices at All Peoples Community Church. Remember Fellowship Memphis brought on Kenji Adachi as the church planting resident. How was he trained? What was said? Did Kenji model his child safety practices after the Fellowship Memphis model? How can a church that hires an alleged child molester like Pete Newman competently train Kenji Adachi? These are hard but difficult questions that must be asked.


  2. Evangelicalism of this kind can go up in flames as far as I am concerned. I’m tired of children being sacrificed on the altar of modern-day worshipers of Moloch who care more for their buds than anyone else.

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  3. It’s an Acts 29 Church(TM).
    You expect anything different from an Acts 29?
    (It’s at the point of “Child rape coverup? So What Else Is New?”)

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  5. “Kenji, All Peoples Community Church is nothing but a business. Church planting for people like yourself is nothing but a jobs program. Can you come out and admit that? … If you want to honor the Bible and the Lord you claim to serve. If you care about the people in the area of Fairfax , Fair Oaks and probably Centreville you will do the following. You would shut down your racket and by that act you would honor the Lord. I would be impressed. Not just that but you would show to me that you respect and honor scripture.”

    These are some bold, direct, and strongly worded assertions/claims. Do you have any proof? I admit that what you say could possibly be true, but how can you state this without any proof? How would you be able to prove your assertions, for that matter?


    • Again thanks for the comment. When I write some of these stories I have to work with well placed sources. People in the know. Those people could be church planters, pastors, the head of men’s or women’s ministry, former Elder or even a victim. It varies. Without going into details the sources I have worked with from Fellowship Memphis have had good access to information and are well placed. I have been told that some pastors knew, and some did not. Some who knew refused to go to police. They were more interested in their paycheck then doing the right thing. A couple may not have known. As to where Kenji Adachi falls I do not know. I have written so much about Fellowship Memphis that I am concerned for this issue. John Bryson’s church is deeply corrupt. If possible I would like to close it. I do know that Kenji has quietly distanced himself from Fellowship Memphis. A couple of years ago he featured them as part of his church plant. Today he does not. There are a lot of gaps that I wish I could answer. I am hoping that more information can emerge. Acts 29 has a lot of problems and I keep hearing about them. Does that help?


  6. If you do have some past experiences with this person to claim that Kenji (specifically this person, Kenji you speak of, because that is how it reads) is in it just for the money, then please elaborate. Do you know if his salary is public in nature? I dont like how some churches do not publish the salaries, since they are considered nonprofit.


    • Thanks for your comment. To the best of my ability I don’t think Acts 29 makes their salaries public. I believe churches should be financially transparent. especially if you are required or “mandated” to give by a membership covenant. I keep hearing awful stories about membership covenants and Acts 29. If you are involved in All People’s you can ask, but I doubt they will provide it. Honestly I would love to be wrong.


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