Mark Driscoll is Blogging at Patheos, Some Concerns About this Development

Mark Driscoll is back and writing again, but this time he is blogging for Patheos. This is a quick post about Mark writing again. Plus has he dealt with the issues from the implosion of Mars Hill Seattle? Plus I explain why this is a troubling development. 

“When your voice contradicts reality and truth, the only way to create space for it is to discredit reality and truth.” 

John Yarmuth 

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.

Psalm 62:1 NLT


Mark Driscoll wearing his Mickey Mouse t-shirt

Deana Holmes on Twitter protesting The Trinity Church in Scottsdale! Good for her!

There is some news with Mark Driscoll again. I have been meaning to write about this for the past week, but just want to get something put together. 


Mark Driscoll is Blogging at Patheos 

On October 2, 2017 Mark Driscoll launched a blog at Patheos. His first post is called,Howdy. Hope we Can be Helpful. In the blog post Mark explained that he hopes to be helpful, and the topics he intends to write about or answer. He explained a little of his background. What is noticeable is what he left out. Mark Driscoll made no reference to Mars Hill Seattle at all. He made no reference to the issues that plagued and followed him. Likewise in his biography page he makes no reference of Mars Hill Seattle.  The blog posts goes back to December of 2014 and were rolled over. There are at least 168 posts added to Patheos. What is also noticeable is that you can not leave any comments. You can follow Mark Driscoll on either Facebook or Twitter. I can’t follow him on Twitter as he has blocked me. The fact that Mark Driscoll is blogging at Patheos has no been received warmly. Here is what other people are saying about Mark. 

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Has he Dealt with the History and Problems He Created at Mars Hill Seattle? 

Lets review some of the issues with Mark Driscoll that come out of the late Mars Hill Seattle.

  • There was Mark Driscoll’s bizarre behavior at Strange Fire in which he lied about “being in the area” to “gift his books” while being verbally abusive. His behavior was overlooked by “King” Sutton Turner and Dave Bruskas. After the incident Driscoll lied in his tweets.
  • There is this moving and disturbing letter by Ron Wheeler to Mark Driscoll where he confronts Driscoll’s behavior and how he treated people. You can read that open letter here.
  • There was the fraudulent trial in 2007 that harmed the reputation of Paul Petry and Bent Meyer.
  • There was this comment made about Ted Haggard’s wife letting herself go. “It is not uncommon to meet pastors’ wives who really let themselves go; they sometimes feel that because their husband is a pastor, he is therefore trapped into fidelity, which gives them cause for laziness,” Driscoll wrote. “A wife who lets herself go and is not sexually available to her husband in the ways that the Song of Songs is so frank about is not responsible for her husband’s sin, but she may not be helping him either.’”
  • Then there was the time when Mark Driscoll said that he can’t worship a guy he can beat up. Here’s the original quote, “In Revelation, Jesus is a prize fighter with a tattoo down His leg, a sword in His hand and the commitment to make someone bleed. That is a guy I can worship. I cannot worship the hippie, diaper, halo Christ because I cannot worship a guy I can beat up.”
  • There was this boast in the book Confessions of a Reformission Rev, “Mars Hill began having ‘boot camps’ for men, teaching them how to get a wife, have sex with that wife… buy a house… study the Bible… and brew decent beer’. (Confessions p130).” 
  • In Confessions of Reformisison Rev Mark Driscoll boasts of stealing sound equipment. (Page 62)
  • Mars Hill Elders and attorneys sent a Cease and Desist Letter to Mars Hill Community Church in Sacramento, California telling them to stop using the Mars Hill name. Christianity Today covered it here.
  • Mark Driscoll also taught on how Jesus Christ commands a woman perform oral sex on her husband, and other takes on female anatomy. You can read parts of the sermon given in Scotland here.
  • Mark Driscoll’s anger at Grace for her past sexual mistakes.
  • How Mark Driscoll described Christians in Great Britain in the following way, “When you’ve got guys in dresses, you know, preaching to grandmas and young men won’t show up as a nation, you’ve gotta ask yourself, you know, have we picked a course that really fits the past but isn’t gonna work for the future?”  
  • There was Mark Drisocll’s sermon series on Esther, where he calls her a slut. Here is the quote where he slams Esther’s character, “She grows up in a very lukewarm religious home as an orphan raised by her cousin. Beautiful, she allows men to tend to her needs and make her decisions. Her behavior is sinful and she spends around a year in the spa getting dolled up to lose her virginity with the pagan king like hundreds of other women. She performs so well that he chooses her as his favorite. Today, her story would be, a beautiful young woman living in a major city allows men to cater to her needs, undergoes lots of beauty treatment to look her best, and lands a really rich guy whom she meets on The Bachelor and wows with an amazing night in bed. She’s simply a person without any character until her own neck is on the line, and then we see her rise up to save the life of her people when she is converted to a real faith in God.” 
  • There was Mars Hill spending $210,000 at ResultSource, Inc (RSI) to get Mark Driscoll’s “Real Marriage” on the New York Times Bestseller list, while committing fraud in the process.
  • Then there remains the financial scandals, especially the Global Fund in which money raised for international use was used locally instead. How much money did make it over to India and Ethiopia?
  • There was the brave stand by 9 Mars Hill Elders.
  • There was the attempt by Mark Driscoll to destroy Agathos and threaten Rob Smith.
  • How can one forget what Mark Driscoll wrote on the Midrash and his comments about apussified nation?” (Again Mark Driscoll’s words not mine…)
  • Leif Moi and 21 other Mars Hill Pastors brought charges against him.
  • Plus there is all the plagiarism that Mark Driscoll engaged in, which Warren Throckmorton documented and reported on. Books like, Who Do You Think You Are?, A Call to Resurgence, Doctrine, Real Marriage, Religion Saves, and Death By Love were all plagiarized. Plus I think there were others…am I correct? Honestly how many people could engage in plagiarism on this scale? Could a cadet at the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs plagiarize 7 papers? What about a grad student at University of Wisconsin Madison on his thesis?


Why this Development is Disturbing 

Mark Driscoll’s situation is reminding me more and more of the failed careers of Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart. You have this guy that caused immeasurable harm in Seattle and elsewhere, who is slowly being accepted again. He hasn’t dealt with his past, nor has he gone back to Seattle and worked things out. For Mark, its almost like Mars Hill never existed. And I am baffled why more and more people will support Mark or even give him a platform to write. Patheos is a blog network in my opinion that is pretty troubled, and this situation only highlights its problems in many ways. The other issue is that Mark Driscoll apparently is resuming what he did so well. And that is plagiarism. According to what I have read at Warren Throckmorton, which I have linked above,  it appears as if he is recycling a lot of material from other sources without giving credit to those who deserve it.  That is one of the many things he did in Seattle. This just shows that Mark Driscoll has not learned at all, and is incapable of doing so. Basically he’s a fraud who is stuck. Because of his education and the path he has chosen he can’t change careers or do anything productive with his life. Instead he has to keep going this path and fooling the people into financially supporting him. Its similar to Baker and Swaggart. This is part of the reason why I do not understand why someone would want to be a pastor in a career sense. You are basically trapped and removed from reality, of which Mark Driscoll is. Mark Driscoll should not be blogging at Patheos. That troubles me deeply, and its not going to help our sick religious system by giving him a platform when he couldn’t handle it the first time. That’s it guys, that is all for the day. I will talk to you in a couple of days. 

8 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll is Blogging at Patheos, Some Concerns About this Development

  1. A couple thoughts on him blogging at patheos. Without a comments section, there’s no way for him to get feedback that would challenge him, but also no way to build a community around the blog. I know my favorite blogs to visit every day are the ones that have a regular and active commentariat, and there’s no way for his blogs to build anything like that.

    And also, there’s another blogger at Patheos that’s helpfully filling in the gap. Captain Cassidy at “Roll to Disbelieve” will be opening comment threads for Driscoll posts, linked to an archived version of his post so he won’t be getting additional hits. And she has a huge and active commenting community, just ready to shred all the awfulness Driscoll writes. If you go to her blog, look for “Lord Snow Presides” or “LSP” in the title. Her first Driscoll thread is LSP #13, and there’s already over 800 comments.

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  2. There was Mars Hill spending $210,000 at ResultSource, Inc (RSI) to get Mark Driscoll’s “Real Marriage” on the New York Times Bestseller list, while committing fraud in the process.

    Deep Throat Driscoll is still an amateur.
    Elron Hubbard remains the REAL master of Juicing book after book onto the Bestseller list.

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  3. Don’t forget that Patheos has also added K.P. Yohannan as a blogger recently… not as prominent but no less troubling!

    As one wag I follow on social media put it: “So does Harvey Weinstein get a blog on Patheos now?”

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  4. “the accuser of the bretheren stands condemned because he knows his time is short so he is filled with rage” “who can bring any accusation against whom God has justified. It is God who justifies. who is he who condemnes? Christ JESUS more than that was raised to life”


    • And this is why people like Mark Driscoll preach and keep going forward. Their defenders are more concerned and angry with people like me and not for what Mark Driscoll has done. Thanks for commenting Ted, I like comments like this as it helps prove my point about why Mark Driscoll should not be in ministry.


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