Evangelicals and Art: Sunset Boulevard

Its the story of a famous Hollywood actress who has fallen from fame and can’t deal with changing times. In the process she meets a struggling writer who can’t break through in Hollywood. Sunset Boulevard is based off a classic film by Billy Wilder. Andrew Lloyd Webber turned it into a spectacular musical in 1993. Those who have played Norma Desmond include Glenn Close, Patti LuPone, Betty Buckley, and Elaine Paige.  This is a musical that is rich in songs and orchestrations. The best songs from this gem are “With One Look” ,  “As If We Never Said Goodbye” , “Sunset Boulevard” and “Too Much In Love to Care.” Have  a great weekend and enjoy yourself! 

Patti LuPone – With One Look 

Elaine Paige – As If We Never Said Goodbye 

Glenn Close – As If We Never Said Goodbye 

Anita Louise Combe, Peter Kevoian, Gordan McLaren – Every Movie’s a Circus

Car Chase Orchestration 

Glen Close – With One Look 

Betty Buckley – New Ways to Dream 

Glenn Close,  Alan Campbell and Paul Bogaev – The Lady’s Paying 

Glenn Close, Paul Bogaev, and Alan Campbell – The Perfect Year 

Paul Bogaev and Alan Campbell – By This Time Next Year 

Michael Ball – Sunset Boulevard 

Alan Campbell and Alice Ripley – Too Much in Love to Care

Kevin Anderson and Meredith Braun – Too Much In Love to Care

Glenn Close – The Final Scene