Was Redeemer Arlington Removed From McLean Bible’s New City Network? The Wondering Eagle Asks Why? Plus how Spiritual Abuse from Redeemer Affected My Mother and Popped up in Her Hospital Room When She was Ill

The other day I noticed that Redeemer Arlington was removed from McLean Bible’s New City Network. The Wondering Eagle would like to know why? Did this blog play a difference in having Redeemer Arlington removed? In this post I also briefly write of how an unresolved situation affected my Mom, and how it popped up in her hospital room when she was ill. My question to Jordan Kauflin and Eric Simmons is this…does Redeemer Arlington believe that an act of spiritual abuse should get dragged into an illness? Do people have the right to die in peace? Or is it “sound doctrine” to interfere in the dying process? This is a hard post to write but at some point this had to come out. 

“Conflict is drama, and how people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are.”

Stephen Moyer

“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”

Martin Luther King     

“When you are on the way to court with your adversary, settle your differences quickly. Otherwise, your accuser may hand you over to the judge, who will hand you over to an officer, and you will be thrown into prison. 26 And if that happens, you surely won’t be free again until you have paid the last penny.

Matthew 5:25-26 NLT 


Jordan Kauflin 

Last week I was working on a post about the changing situation with David Platt and McLean Bible. I then checked the list of all the New City Network churches and I noticed that Eric Simmons Redeemer Arlington was no longer on the list. In January of 2017 I wrote about Eric Simmons church joining McLean Bible’s New City Network. You can read this post in “Eric Simmons’ Redeemer Arlington Joins McLean Bible’s New City Network.” Sometime in the past couple of months Redeemer Arlington was removed from McLean Bible’s network. I would like to know why, as I write about problems and issues with this current Acts 29 and former Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) church. Was Redeemer removed because McLean Bible is sensitive to their image and was afraid of a blog writing about their church planting network?  Or did Redeemer remove itself because it wasn’t a good fit?  After all when I was at McLean Bible years ago SGM was viewed as a cult? That was in the 2007 to 2009 time frame and before the SGM implosion when information came out about C.J. Mahaney allegedly practicing blackmail.  Were there qualifications that Redeemer Arlington couldn’t meet? I don’t believe this is an Acts 29 issue. For those in the know The Wondering Eagle is wanting to find out why was Eric Simmons church was removed? This blog is dedicated to writing about Redeemer Arlington as it was born out of a painful incident and psychological trauma. 


My Mother who passed away on April 1, 2017. 

I Have Not Yet Written about how Spiritual Abuse from an Incident from Redeemer Arlington Affected my Mom and Popped up in her Hospital Room in an Illness that Took her Life 

There is one aspect that I have not written about at The Wondering Eagle.  I have written about Redeemer Arlington and looked at this church from many differing angles. And yet there is one issue that has not been written about because of how painful it is, especially during this time of loss. After all my family is trying to choose a headstone for my Mom’s grave in Fresno, California. What I have not written about in great detail is how an unresolved situation from Redeemer Arlington affected my Mom, how it dragged out, and her concerns for me. Sadly it also popped up in the hospital room when my Mom was ill. This is the brief version, as this is about as far as I will go for right now. 

When the false accusation occurred on May 8, 2013 my Mom in California knew something dark had happened to her son in Washington, D.C. My Mom felt it, call it a Mother’s intuition for her son. Later on it came up in a phone conversation and my Mom cried over what happened. My Mom’s warned me that Andrew is a guy to stay away from. My Mom knew of the situation and how I was trying to recover. When an attorney told me that I had a defamation of character lawsuit against Andrew White, one of the things that I also wanted was to get an apology from Andrew to my Mom. I engaged in negotiations with Jordan Kauflin as I was trying to get the false accusation defused. I told Jordan that this needed to be resolved and I said that its best to resolve this because one doesn’t know how things will be in the future and its best to have this resolved.  When I said that I had no idea that a couple of years later this situation would pop up in my Mom’s hospital room as she was dealing with her illness which would be terminal.  I was following the advice of an attorney. When it came to an apology Jordan Kaulfin felt that the responsibility fell on a supervisor and not Andrew. At the time I disagreed. But I was interested in resolving this mess and not have it bite my ass. So after thinking about it, I made a major concession to Jordan Kauflin and I dropped the request for an apology. I did this because I wanted to be cooperative and someone who was flexible. After I did that Jordan Kauflin let Andrew White off the hook. Andrew broke off the discussions, and ran and didn’t do what the attorney told me I should accept. So I was left with this false accusation and a poisonous situation still in place. 

Since Jordan Kauflin had let Andrew White off the hook I realized that the only way to put the situation to rest is that I was going to have to change jobs. So I started to look and work at doing so. To make a long story short there have been many situations out of my control that adversely effected that situation. My Mom knew what was going on and told me to keep trying. So in December of 2016 my Mom entered the hospital in Fresno, California. She had several medical conditions to include low grade lymphoma, vasculitis, steroid induced diabetes, and platelet issues. There were times in the hospital room when my Mom had delirium and some days she did not recognize me. Other days she did. She was in a lot of pain and on a lot of fentanyl. In between this there were a couple of times she asked how the job search was going. My Mom worried about me, I was upset that she was worrying about this given the medical crisis that was playing out. I left the hospital once deeply troubled that this popped up, and I was bothered that in a phone call this came up. My Mom should not have had to worry about this issue. I won’t  get into all the details now, as its too hard to write about my Mom’s illness and loss. My Mom died on April 1, 2017 at 6:24 in the evening. My world was shattered. 


Does Redeemer Arlington Believe that a Loved One Can Die in Peace? Or is it “Sound Doctrine” to Interfere in that Process? 

I didn’t know what to make of this mess popping up in my Mom’s hospital room. I was confused and bothered. I asked a couple of people about this situation and if they found this disturbing. One told me that it was very troubling that this dragged on to that point. I’ve sat on all this for a few months but I would like to ask the following question to the leadership of Redeemer Arlington. Does Eric Simmons and Jordan Kauflin believe that a loved one can die in peace? Or does Redeemer even have to interfere in the dying process? Is it too much to ask them to be respectful of a loved one dealing with a critical illness? What is “sound doctrine” in such circumstances? This is beyond toxic and it leads to me next point which formed in my mind when I was in the hospital in Fresno, California earlier this year. 


Acts 29 Redeemer Arlington Needs to be Closed 

In July of 2015 I wrote a post called “Redeemer Arlington’s Incredible Potential Against the “Legacy of Ashes” of Sovereign Grace Ministries.” In that post I wrote about the potential I believed Redeemer Arlington had if it did the right thing. After briefly touching on what I did above I have to state the following. 

I am wrong to have believed or even hoped that Redeemer could do the right thing. That post, which I wrote out of sincerity is mistaken. Redeemer Arlington will never get rid of its SGM roots. Redeemer is going to be a cult, just like former Sovereign Grace Fairfax (Redeeming Grace Church) and Covenant Life will always be a cult. Using cult as a word is loaded, but after having this pop up in my Mom’s hospital room that is the conclusion that I arrived in my mind. Redeemer Arlington is a cult, there is no other word to describe this place. If Redeemer Arlington really wants to honor God the way it can do so is by closing its doors permanently. I am determined to make sure that this situation does not happen to another person. I am going to be the only one who will have experienced such an incident. I will be scared but perhaps I can find peace in knowing that this own’t happen to another person. Its time to close this church once and for all. My Mom was a gem, and she didn’t need this popping up in a hospital room in Fresno, California. I tried to warn Jordan about doing the right thing and resolving this mess. Jordan was told at the time.  I did not know, nor could I have foreseen that the incident where this would come back up in my Mom’s illness and death.  This surprised and bothered me. This blog is going to work at getting people out of Redeemer and make sure that this does not happen again. 

This was hard to write and a lot to condense in a brief post. I don’t want to write more about this right now. After all I haven’t been able to read my sister’s email on costs and prices of headstones. When the time is right I will write a longer more comprehensive post and use some of Jordan Kauflin’s emails from out discussions to show the back and forth that went on. I am going to close this post with a song that my Mom absolutely loved. Lets long for a time over the rainbow when cults don’t pop up in hospital rooms when people are dying. Lets long for a time when people are not harmed by fundamentalism. Lets hope for a time when dreams come true…dreams of peace and closure that could have been solved easily by someone willing to work and do the right thing. My Mom was an amazing person and this shouldn’t have hurt her.