Evangelicals and Art: The Goodbye Girl

This weekend I am going to feature a musical by Marvin Hamlisch and David Zippel. The Goodbye Girl is based off a 1977 film which is about two people who are forced to share an apartment who fall in love. It came out on Broadway in 1993. A couple of songs I would recommend are “How Can I Win”,”Who Would Have Thought?”,”I Think I Can Play This Part” and “What a Guy.” Hope you guys have a good weekend! 

Martin Short and Bernadette Peters – My Rules/Elliot Garfield Grant 

Bernadette Peters and Tammy Minoff – Don’t Follow in My Footsteps 

Bernadette Peters – No More

Bernadette Peters and Scott Wise – A Beat Behind  

Bernadette Peters, Martin Short and Tammy Minoff – Good News, Bad News

Bernadette Peters – How Can I Win

Bernadette Peters, Martin Short, Tammy Minoff and Lisa Molina – Who Would Have Thought? 

Martin Short and Bernadette Peters at the 1993 Tony Awards – Paula 

Martin Short – I Think I Can Play This Part

Bernadette Peters – What a Guy