Galveston Bible Church is Requesting Help as they Respond to Hurricane Harvey in Texas

Galveston Bible is requesting help as they deal with Hurricane Harvey down in Texas. This is a brief post about an EFCA church in the Texas and Oklahoma District as to what is going on in its efforts at finding shelter for others and responding to a disaster. I am hoping that people outside Texas can donate and help those who will be in need in the days and months ahead. 

“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”

Abraham Lincoln 

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Albert Einstein 

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

Matthew 25:35-36 NIV 



This is going to be a brief post but as I write quite a bit about the EFCA at The Wondering Eagle I want to raise an issue and write about how one church is responding to the disaster playing out in Texas right now. Galveston Bible Church is an Evangelical Free that is led by Jason Dohring. As Harvey took aim at Texas and pounded the state the response by this church to the community was really quite neat. In situations like this the faith can really shine. And truth be told watching the church respond like this is really amazing and what I prefer to write about.  After Harvey made landfall and flooding was becoming an issue in the area Galveston Bible consulted with a couple of other churches and worked hard at helping to provide shelter, food and care for those affected by the hurricane.  The church helped find shelter for 83 people as this storm continues to play out. Early today they were asking for donations but according to their Facebook they are requesting that donations be stopped for now. Here is the latest that Jason posted a few minutes ago. 

It was a busy 26 hours as a shelter was provided by the amazing pastors in this area (Christ United), people displaced from their homes were cared for and then flown to safer, dryer areas. This temporary shelter was closed down about 4:00pm and no more donations are needed at this point. There are too many people to thank. It reminded me when God asked the children of Israel to give materials and time for the construction of the Tabernacle and the outpouring was so great that Moses had to tell the people to STOP. We had to turn donations away! Special thanks for Mario’s on 61st and Dominos for providing food to feed 52 evacuees and about 1-2 dozen volunteers and that was just at our location, they also provided food for other shelters as well. Thankful for this community.

You can see a picture below of the efforts that came in as people responded to Hurricane Harvey. The images come from the churches Facebook page. 

While the church doesn’t need any physical denotations they are still soliciting financial donations that will help people. You can donate through their webpage and that can help people in the long term. For those like myself who are outside the geographic region that can be a way to help out in the long term. The challenge that will be faced will be when disaster fatigue sets in and people become focused on other issues. The needs by people in the Galveston area will still be great especially for those who can lose housing, possessions and more. To financially donate you can do so here. For updates on the hour by hour situation you can check their Facebook page which Jason Dohring is updating as the situation changes. And as Jason requested please pray for these people being affected by this massive hurricane. I grew up in California but when I moved to the Washington, D.C. area my first experience with a hurricane was Sandy back in 2012.  I still remember filling up the bathtub with water. Seeing the lines of people in the grocery store trying to get the necessary items before the storm hit. So to Galveston Bible we’re praying for you. This post is being Tweeted to other districts in the EFCA so that they may be aware of what one EFCA church is facing. Perhaps the EFCA can step up and help out long term in Galveston and Houston. Take care Galveston you are on many people’s minds tonight. 


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  1. This is Jason Dohring, thank you for the kind words and drawing attention to the needs in Galveston but mostly in the areas north of us. In truth, though, our church actually played a MINOR role; we just responded when asked if we could use our church as a shelter. A better place was the school near us so thanks to Odyssey Academy who opened their doors. So thankful for the vision of the pastors on this island who are connected with Christ United. A group of them just took off and started picking up displaced families. Others got their church members and others involved. They have so many connections. I love all the new friends we were able to make. This community really came together.

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      • when some megas are ‘brought to the trial’, we can see the ‘depth’ of their commitment to the Kingdom of Our Lord . . . . . sometimes ‘mega’ refers to numbers and to money and to popular image instead of the ability to enter into the suffering of others, as He did and still does.

        Too much ‘entertainment’ in the mega world. And they might be so much more.

        The Holy Spirit and the ‘power of one’ . . . . . a loving-kindness is too often seen as ‘sentimentality’ by conservative people, but it is not . . . . . loving-kindness like that of God comes from the pulsing center of all being and the generator of all good as it flows out from the Holy Trinity, God, who IS love

        sad for them what has no engagement with the suffering of others . . . . . they are far worse off than the ones they refuse to help

        God Bless the good people of Galveston Bible Church for reaching out from the heart, in honor of Our Lord, in their giving, they will receive blessing upon blessing


      • And Osteen of the glittering teeth and his mega have been under a LOT of scrutiny for this, both on Twitter & Facebook AND the Mainstream Media.

        Morning drive-time mentioned it; KFI Los Angeles had a reporter in Houston, stuck in a hotel right next door to the Mega, both on a rise-turned-island in the floodwaters. A hotel where a LOT of media types are holed up. And the reporters were mentioning and broadcasting how said Mega had shut its doors on Harvey refugees.

        Some hours later, I heard that the Mega had opened up its UPPER floor as a shelter. I think they didn’t like the publicity they were getting.


      • End-of-day Update:

        Evening drive-time on KFI mentioned Osteen’s mega. As in “Guy says he’s a man of God, he’s worth $60 million, his church is above water in the middle of a disaster (and still has its roof), and HE DOESN’T OPEN THE DOORS?”

        They contrasted this with a local businessman they called “The Mattress King”. Guy owns and runs a chain of eight mattress stores in the Houston area. Guy opened his stores to displaced people, offering his showrooms as a place to sleep out of the storm (on the showroom mattresses, demonstrator models which cannot be sold); “hired a cook” to feed the refugees stranded there; even sent his delivery trucks out to pick them up and take them to his showroom/shelters.

        And in an unrelated item, “The Cajun Navy has landed”; swampers from Louisiana bringing their airboats and pirogues to Houston for rescue work. Tough men used to the water and danger.

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      • Latest development is Osteen has released statements that (in accordance with Houston’s disaster plan) his Mega was originally supposed to be a distribution center for relief supplies, not a shelter.

        Osteen’s supporters have also taken to the Web, comment-threading in his defense.
        “Librul media fake news” and all that.
        (So far, no direct claims of “PERSECUTION!”)
        Culture War Without End, Amen.


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