Evangelicals and Art: Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is a musical by Maury Yeston, George Forrest and Robert Wright. It debuted on Broadway in 1989 and became quite popular. It is about events taking place in a hotel in Berlin, Germany in 1928. Two songs that I would recommend are “Love Can’t Happen” and “We’ll Take a Glass Together.” Have a good weekend! 

Michael Jeter and Brent Barrett – Let us Take a Glass Together 

Brent Barrett, Henry Grossman, John Wylie, and cast – The Grand Parade / Some Have and Some Have Not 

David Jackson, Jane Krakowski and Danny Strayhorn – Maybe My Baby Loves Me 

Karen Akers and Liliane Montevecchi – Fire and Ice 

Jane Krakowski – I Want to go to Hollywood

David Jackson, Danny Strayhorn, Brent Barrett and Michael Jeter – We’ll Take a Glass Together 

Kyle Huey – Love Can’t Happen 

Brent Barrett – Love Can’t Happen 

Karen Akers – How Can I Tell Her