Recommended Read: Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post on Donald Trump’s Disasterous Presidency and Evangelical Christian’s Role

Jennifer Rubin, the conservative columnist in The Washington Post writes a hard hitting column I want to promote. As Trump debases the Presidency the scandals get worse and darker; where are the evangelical Christians? Or do they agree with the behavior which includes what the former White House Communications Director said about Steve Bannon and Reince Preibus? 

It turns out in the dog days of 2017 in the nation’s capital that President Trump is neither loved nor feared. Successful presidents have always been at least one of the two, often both.

His administration is in chaos; his White House is a civil war in a leper colony. Maybe someone should check with Jerry Falwell Jr. or the Rev. Franklin Graham after the on-the-record obscene character assassinations by Trump’s incoming communications director, Anthony Scaramucci — just to see whether we can rest now that we have leaders of good moral character.

Mark Shields 

 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14 NIV

This is a recommended read from The Washington Post. Jennifer Rubin is the conservative columnist for the paper. She did a post the other day that tore apart the  disastrous Trump Presidency which she calls a clown show. But, as she writes, its the evangelical Christians which have supplied the circus tent, the floppy shoes, and the red noses. Time and again there has been horrific story after story, from the Access Hollywood tape, bullying the Attorney General to the latest. Now you have the White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci who said that Reince Priebus is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic and that Steve Bannon likes to suck his own cock. Jennifer Rubin asks the question, is that, and other situations what Christian conservatives believe? Is that what they stand for? You can read the column in “As Trump debases the presidency, the religious right looks away.” 

12 thoughts on “Recommended Read: Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post on Donald Trump’s Disasterous Presidency and Evangelical Christian’s Role

  1. As Trump debases the Presidency the scandals get worse and darker; where are the evangelical Christians?

    In their pulpits, Amen-ing and marveling and wondering “WHO IS LIKE UNTO THE TRUMP? WHO CAN STAND AGAINST HIM? HAYYYYYYYY-MENNNNNNNNN!”


      • thank you HEADLESS
        I am hopeful that Gen. Kelly will restore some dignity to the horror, and I am even MORE hopeful that he will do it, not out of some misbegotten loyalty to The Donald, but a much more honorable and patriotic loyalty to the welfare of the country.

        I don’t know what will happen re: nukes. ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough once said on air that he heard that DT said ‘if we have the nukes, why aren’t we using them?’ . . . . . . although how many times second and third hand this went around the block, one does not begin to imagine

        My husband (an old military officer retired) thinks we will soon be at war with N. Korea. Lots of loss of lives, including Americans in S. Korea (military included) and innocent civilians . . . . .

        am anxious Mueller doesn’t get fired, but I have a feeling DT is beginning to lose influence all around, even with a tiny portion of his ‘base’ . . . . . . but that makes him even more desperate, and more dangerous than ever

        Our evangelical brothers and sisters? Dear God, I hope they are not still bowing before DT, but I got it on SBCtoday that Trump is still Lord among the super right wing fundies who resent any reference to themselves as ‘fundies’ OR as Trump supporters, go figure. (?) They want it both ways: the bully act to shore up their Islamophobia and Homophobia, and still to maintain some distance from their ‘front’ man to preserve something of their own credibility, which I don’t know if that is now possible for them.

        Thanks for listening. Don’t worry if you disagree. I always was cool with that when it was aimed at me. And I am grateful to Eagle who is a better soul than I could ever be.


      • Christiane, welcome you are free to share your thoughts. Part of the reason why I will occasionally publish a political article is because of how evangelicals are involved in politics. When 81% act that way and atheists and secular humanists are pointing it out its time to talk. Evangelicals really need to learn how to speak and discuss these issues. Applying the “don’t talk rule” is a huge part of the problem. While this blog won’t be a political blog it has to be honest in writing about its culture. You are free to speak your mind and say what you want. I don’t practice censorship at all.


      • Just saw an article about Vatican sources worried that a lot of conservative white Catholics in the States are also taking the Mark of the Trump. Started a firestorm within the Church hierarchy.

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      • I heard about this as well HUG. Seems like there is a growing ulta conservative faction in Catholicism who are also challenging the Pope. I heard that this Catholic faction wants to work with Court Evangelicals. Could this be Court Catholics?


  2. Read the link on Scaramucchi (“Scary Muchy”?).

    The impression I got was of a Courtier who becomes and stays Court Favorite not through the usual flattery but by whispers — Grima Wormtonguing in the King’s ear about how “He’s Plotting Against You! And He’s Plotting Against You! And She’s Plotting Against You! They ALL Plot Against You!”

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  3. I wouldn’t categorize DT’s presidency as “disasterous” (sic) at all.

    Is there a particular policy or law or executive order that he has issued that is disastrous for the nation? Restoring sanity and sovereignty to the immigration process doesn’t count. 😉

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