Evangelicals and Art: Aspects of Love

Aspects of Love is a musical that was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black. It was popular in London when it opened in 1989 but didn’t run as long in New York. The musical looks at different kinds of love in different forms. From romantic to love between children and their parents. This musical has a nice score. Two songs I would recommend are “Love Changes Everything” and “Anything But Lonely.” I hope you guys have a good weekend. 

Michael Ball – Love Changes Everything

Sarah Brightman – Anything But Lonely

Elinore O’Connell – Anything But Lonely 

Ann Crumb and Michael Ball – Seeing Is Believing 

Cast – Everybody Loves a Hero 

Michael Ball, Kevin Colson, Ann Crumb, and Laurel Ford – She’d Be Far Better Off with You

Michael Ball and Ann Crumb – Leading Lady 

Kevin Colson, Michael Ball, Kathleen Rowe McAllen and Ann Crumb – Other Pleasures

Kathelen Rowe McAllen – There is More to Love 

Michael Ball and Lisa Waddingham – First Man you Remember 

Cast – Journey of a Lifetime 

Kathleen Rowe McAllen, Ann Crumb, Michael Ball, Paul Bentley – Hand Me the Wine and the Dice 


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