Abilene, Kansas and the Eisenhower Presidential Museum

These are the final batch of pictures from Abilene, Kansas. I was surprised to see a Santa Fe steam engine operating. The rest of the day was in the Eisenhower Presidential Museum. As a history nerd I took it all in, however I went to the Eisenhower museum for my Mom; who always wanted to go. 

Santa Fe 3415 in Abilene, Kansas

A better shot of the 3415

The layout of the Eisenhower Presidential Library 

Eisenhower’s boyhood home 

Eisenhower’s parlor in the home he grew up in 

Eisenhower family Bible

Eisenhower Presidential Museum

Popular history of the Cowboy (in the Eisenhower museum) 

One of Eisenhower’s military uniforms 

The car Eisenhower drove when he was young

Description of the car

The table Eisenhower planned D-Day on

Relics of D-Day

On the right you have the comments Eisenhower gave to every soldier, sailors, and airman who participated in the invasion. To the left is the speech Eisenhower wrote if D-Day failed. 

The speech Eisenhower wrote if D-Day failed

The plans for Operation Market Garden 

I believe some of these items are from the Wolf’s Lair

Reminders of Nazi, Germany

Staff car Eisenhower rode in Europe 

If I remember correctly I think this deals with the Battle of the Bulge

Suit Eisenhower wore on his inauguration in 1953

Gifts from Nikita Khrushchev

What Eisenhower thought of Joseph McCarthy 

Eisenhower’s farewell address warning on the military industrial complex 

Eisenhower’s golf clubs 

Statue of Eisenhower

The chapel where the Eisenhower’s are buried 

Graves of the Eisenhowers 

Quote from Ike at his burial place

Eisenhower grave site

Water tank in Abilene, Kansas 


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  1. Santa Fe 3415 – looks like a Heavy Pacific. Oilburner from the tender.
    Out here in SoCal, we’re more familiar with Santa Fe 3480(?), one of those HUGE Northerns they used west of La Junta.

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