Evangelicals and Art: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

As I get back into writing I want to dedicate this post today to the memory of my Mom. My Mom took my sister to see The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in Chicago in the 1970’s. My Mom enjoyed the musical and loved the dancing. It was one of her favorites. My sister spoke of seeing this musical with Alexis Smith and my Mom at her wake. Today I am going to share it with you. Its based on a true story that Playboy magazine wrote about. A crusading Houston reporter named Melvin Zindler exposed a brothel in LaGrange, Texas. It became a scandal in the state of Texas. It was popular on Broadway and launched Larry King’s career as a playwright  and was made into a movie with Dolly Parton in 1982. Songs I recommend are “Lil Ole  Bitty Pissant Country Place”,”Hard Candy Christmas”,”Bus From Amarillo” and “No Lies.” Enjoy your weekend guys!

Carlin Glynn – A Lil Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place

Dolly Parton – Lil Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place

Carlin Glynn – Girl, You’re a Woman

Dom DeLuise – Texas Has a Whorehouse In It!

Cast at the Tony Awards – Aggie Song

Carlin Glynn – The Bus from Amarillo

Charles Durning – The Sidestep

Carlin Glynn and Delores Hall – No Lies

Kelly Clarkson – Hard Candy Christmas

Dolly Parton and Cast – Hard Candy Christmas

Carlin Glynn – Hard Candy Christmas