My Mother’s Medical Crisis

For those who are interested. I want to thank you for your prayers. My family has felt them. I certainly do. As my Mom’s medical crisis continues I will be posting updates in “Another Open Letter to James Crestwood.” That is what that post is about. I could start a lot of posts but this has the most information and will be updated regularly. I am going to treat that as a journal to get my thoughts out on “paper.” Plus you can find what my family is requesting in prayers. In this difficult situation I find myself with some down time here and there. When my Mom is agitated my family leaves the room so she can rest. So I have downtime in the cafeteria. That is how I finished the newest post. Family comes first in this time, but in the downtime there will be time to work on a post here and there. Keep in mind I am also meeting friends of mine who are helping me out here as well.

3 thoughts on “My Mother’s Medical Crisis

  1. I read your open letter and the responses last night. It was absolutely wonderful to see James respond – and the way he did! Good to know that friends have your back!

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  2. Continuing to pray. And so are the folks over at The Wartburg Watch blog. We have your family listed on the E-Church comments. Lots of folks are praying for your mom, you, and your family.

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