Redeemer Arlington Update: Newest Addition to the Jordan Kauflin Family

A quick update to Redeemer Arlington. Jordan Kauflin’s family got a dog, a German Shorthair Pointer. I was surprised when I saw this in my social media feed, and decided to write a response. After all who is better to respond than someone who grew up in a family that has had five German Shorthair Pointers? This is going to be a fun and reflective post for the Kauflin family. 

“There are three faithful friends: an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.”

Benjamin Franklin

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.

Dean Koontz

who teaches us more than he teaches[a] the beasts of the earth
    and makes us wiser than[b] the birds in the sky?’

Job 35:11 NIV

Yesterday I was in Lens Crafters in the Fair Oaks Mall getting new glasses and as I waited I was going through my social media. I subscribe to a lot of material…from atheist to modern evangelical to Acts 29. I read and consume all of it so as to be current and keep up with what is happening. Its during that time while I was waiting in Lens Crafters when I saw something neat. Jordan Kauflin’s family got a dog and I saw the picture and took a quick screen shot. The dog is a German Shorthair Pointer and I smiled when I saw that for many different reasons. My family has been into German Shorthairs and I grew up with them. For the Kauflin family let me spend some time reflecting on the dogs that we have had. Then let me give you guys some advice as I have grown up with German Shorthairs.  


German Shorthairs My Family has Owned


My family got Kurt in Missouri in the 1970’s. It was before I was born so I do not have many memories of Kurt as I was too young. Kurt came with the family when we moved from Columbia, Missouri to Fresno, California in 1972 I believe. I grew up with Kurt but he died when I was in the second grade. As a young kid Kurt was patient and kind.


In 1984 we got out second German Shorthair and we affectionately named him Max. We picked up Max from outside Sacramento, California. To this day I remember picking up Max and having him curl up in a ball in my lap. The dog as a puppy was so small. Max I remember well as I grew up with him. Through elementary school, junior high and high school Max was there. I recall walking through the door wearing my high school football practice pants and t-shirt and the door running and licking me and welcoming me home. I looked forward to going home and seeing the dog, and I can’t explain what it was like to have a dog. Sadly when I was living in Fresno after gradating from college we had to put Max down in 1998 or 1999. I remember holding the dog’s head and him licking my glasses. I cried so hard that I couldn’t clean my glasses for a few weeks. Dogs grow on you and they become part of the family. That was what Max taught me. You know the only time I saw my Dad cry was when we had to put down Max and later Blitz. But the memories I have of Max are warm. Oh one other thing Max was the dog that broke out of his closed space as a puppy and had an accident on my bed. My Mom didn’t like that too much! 


The next German Shorthair we got was Blitz. He was feisty and very mischievous. There were many times that he would jump up and snag something only to hide. You would see his tail between his legs or wagging. He knew when he was mischievous.  Blitz loved to greet me at home with his toy and he would breathe hard and snort. It was adorable but I had a lot of fond memories with Blitz. Blitz also soon had company to when my sister Cheryl got a dog. I will get into that next.

Blitz (on the right) and Nutmeg on the left 

Nutmeg or Meg

My sister Cheryl was living in southern California and she got a dog as well. She named it Nutmeg or Meg for short. The dog she got was purchased from the San Diego area. Meg was a great dog and followed my sister to Chicago when she lived there. The picture above is of Meg playing on the beach at Lake Michigan. When Cheryl moved to Fresno the dog lived with us and Blitz had company. Both dogs got along well, Meg was sprayed so we didn’t have to worry about any unplanned pregnancies or anything like that. Meg was loving, quit, and attentive. She was peaceful and the exact opposite of Blitz. 


Liesel is the current German Shorthair Pointer that my family has. My Dad had always wanted to have a female dog after having male dogs. My Mom concurred and they got another dog. My Dad likes to name German Shorthairs with German names. Liesel was feisty and strong willed. She liked to jump and was a problem. Compared to the other Shorthairs we had this one was the most difficult to deal with. It was a struggle for my family but in the course of time she came around. Today she is calm, integrated and does much better. When my Mom came home form the hospital in her medical crisis the dog came up and greeted her. My Mom cried and the dog put her head next to my Mom in her hospital bed in the living room. As my Mom’s medical crisis continues the dog goes in an checks in on her and lies down next to her bed. German Shorthairs are smart, and the dog knows that something severe is going on. Today its a joy to go home and play with Liesel. Honestly I couldn’t say that a year ago but the dog calmed down dramatically. 


Some Advice for the Kauflin Family 

Jordan Kauflin and his wife made one of the wisest investments I believe in getting a dog for their family. I may be biased after all I have written above, but this blog is happy for the Kauflin family. After growing up with German Shorthairs let me give a little advice if this is your first dog. German Shorthairs are great with kids. They are friendly and get along great well with adults. As dogs they are very loyal and you have a friend that will be a part of your family for the next 15 years or so. One word of advice….this breed can be mischievous and get into trouble. Their personalty while lovable likes to play and sometimes like I said they do get into trouble. Having a dog is like having a kid. When you have to discipline the dog your entire family needs to be consistent. Jordan can’t be telling the dog one thing and then one of the children another. The dog will get confused. Also this breed is quite physically active and needs a lot of exercise. Many walks or letting the dog run around in the backyard are needed. If I remember correctly I think Jordan runs, so you can take the dog along for a run. These dogs are phenomenally for hunting. If Jordan is into hunting this is the perfect breed for him.

At first when you bring the dog home be patient with him. The first few nights the dog will cry a lot. Jordan or his wife may need to spend time with the dog. Accidents are going to happen so keep the dog confined to the kitchen or laundry room until its house-trained. If you are interested in obedience classes Jordan I know someone who specializes in this breed who is out in the Leesburg/Winchester area. Overall I can’t tell you how happy I am for your family. Your children can learn a lot about responsibility in taking care of the dog. Your family can bond and be close because of the dog. Family outings and future holidays will be more special because of your dog. I am really happy and proud of you Jordan. I say that from the depths of my heart. I am not a cat person but a dog person. I would love to have a dog like a Shorthair but with my work schedule and life its just not feasible. Perhaps in the future but now its not a possibility. Well that’s it….take care Redeemer. Jordan again good job, I’m proud of you bro! This was a fun post to write.  


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