Bill Riedel’s Acts 29 Redemption Hill’s Blocking Party on Twitter Is Learned While I am Helping My Mom with Breakfast

As I am feeding and helping my Mother who is dealing with critical illness in Fresno, California I learn that Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill in Washington, D.C, blocks The Wondering Eagle on Twitter. This is a quick response to this Acts 29 church’s behavior. Next week or so I want to write Bill Riedel an open letter about my further concerns about this church being inside the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).

“To make mistakes is human; to stumble is commonplace; to be able to laugh at yourself is maturity.”

William Arthur Ward

Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.

John 12:26 NIV


So I am writing this post from Fresno, California. This has been a hard trip as I came out here for a funeral and also to help my Mom who is still dealing with a critical illness. I have not been able to reach out to many friends due to this situation with my Mom. I am thinking about all this and I am contemplating writing a post about life and perspective against the consequences and harm of fundamentalism as well. But its in that frame of mind that I want to do a brief post about Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill church in Washington, D.C. Bill Riedel’s church is Acts 29 and it works closely as I understand with Eric Simmons and Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington which is also Acts 29. This blog was born out of an incident of pain from Redeemer Arlington. I have written about Redemption Hill in the past, and no doubt there is much more that I plan to write in the future as I study and analyze this Acts 29, Evangelical Free church hybrid. But for more on Redemption Hill I would encourage you to read “Acts 29 Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill in Washington, D.C.; How Healthy is It?” and “Jon Rees on Twitter and a Question I Have; How will Redemption Hill Engage Culture When Individuals Like Jon Rees Can’t Even Handle Questions or Other Points of View?

Feeding and Helping my Mom and Learning of Redemption Hill’s Action

This morning I got up and resumed my chores and helping my Mom out. My sister and I have been working together as we help my Mom in care and treatment as she deals with a critical illness at the age of 79. So my sister put some cottage cheese, fruit, blueberry yogurt together. I have been giving my sister a little break in being out here and helping. So my Mom is sleeping and waking to slowly. I am concerned with getting her to eat as she is also diabetic and we need structured feeding times. As my Mom was slowly eating and I was helping her I took a break and checked Twitter. And what do I learn…recently Redemption Hill church blocked me on Twitter. I got the screen shot above and afterward when my Mom was done with breakfast and taking her medicine I wanted to do a quick post about how an Acts 29/Evangelical Free church behaves in social media.

My Concerns About Redemption Hill Being in the Evangelical Free Church of America

You have to understand the history and the ethos of the Evangelical Free Church of America. After all I have written about other issues in Acts 29/EFCA churches as well. For reference go to the stories about James Walden’s Riverside Community Church in Columbia, South Carolina. But the EFCA is not designed for Neo-Calvinism, and many of these churches are aggressive, authoritarian and spiritually abusive. Its in the DNA of Acts 29 as its how Mark Driscoll operated and its his imprint on the organization. When authority is used recklessly and to cause pain and its done irresponsibly people get hurt. In many of these Acts 29 churches questioning authority is viewed as “sin” and its institutional. The Neo-Calvinists are using the autonomous nature of the EFCA to either hijack established churches or plant new ones. As a person with a history in the EFCA there is a reason why this non Neo-Calvinist is homeless to the EFCA in the Washington, D.C. area. Quite simply people such as myself do not belong in such environments where people drool over the names of Matt Chandler, Mark Dever or John Piper. I have written plenty on those individuals and you can read why I am not impressed with them. But here is my question…how many people whose background is EFCA will get entangled in Redemption Hill without knowing what Acts 29 is? How many people will know that the DNA of the organization comes from a man who taught that women are nothing but penis homes and that a repentant woman gets down on her knees and performs a “Gospel Centered” blow job on her husband.

The Wondering Eagle is Looking for Stories of Spiritual Abuse and Polity Issues in Bill Riedel’s Church

I believe there are stories and issues to be told here. This church, like many Acts 29 churches have deeply intrinsic flaws. I have had a number of people contact me about Acts 29 churches and I believe them. My own story involves a former Sovereign Grace now Acts 29 church. The Wondering Eagle is looking for stories about this church. Any inappropriate church discipline? Any polity issues? Any stories about the abuse of authority? Any stories about cult like behavior in Bill Riedel’s and John Ree’s church? This blog is interested in hearing those stories and analyzing and discussing them. If there are stories just contact me at

What Tweet was it Bill?

I am active on Twitter and tweet a lot of questions and re-tweet a lot of other material. I always look for discussions and I am asking more questions. What church fears questions Redemption Hill? I find nothing questionable in my Tweet.  I am not sending obscene material. I am not pushing the envelope. I am not being difficult for the sake of being difficult. If Bill Riedel has concerns about this blog he can always take them up with Eric Simmons and Jordan Kauflin’s Redeemer Arlington. But I am curious to know what was the tipping point in blocking someone on Twitter? Let me also ask this question as well. Is this how Jesus operates? To block and bully someone on social media? Can you imagine that happening during the Sermon on the Mount? Can you imagine Jesus walking and teaching and simultaneously blocking people he disagrees with?

I Need to Work on an Open Letter to Bill Riedel

The sad thing is that I have only blocked one “person” on Twitter. I say person because I believe that it was a bot and that is why I blocked them. Have I blocked any of the Acts 29 churches that follow me? Nope.. Have I blocked any of the atheists who follow me? Nope.. Have I blocked anyone from the EFCA who has followed me? Nope…Have I blocked any of the Washington, D.C. churches that follow me? Nope.. When Redemption Hill behaves in such a way they also show that they are illustrating the problems of the “Streisand Effect” and their level of maturity. I could never imagine blocking anyone on Twitter. That is counter productive but in a social media age that we live in we can’t act like that at all. So to Redemption Hill church I have to say this to you. Grow up a little bit, show some maturity and develop more. The more you act the way that you do the more you validate my concerns about you as an Acts 29 church being cult like, authoritarian and still a culture that is infected with the DNA of Mark Driscoll. I don’t have the time to write a long detailed post about the issues in play. But what I am going to do is in the near future write an open letter to Bill Riedel and lay out my thoughts and concerns about this church plant by Bill Keynes Cornerstone Church in Annandale, Virginia. So anyhow its lunch time and I need to go back to help my Mom for lunch but I wanted to hammer out a quick post about this church’s behavior on Twitter. So I am going to go feed and help my Mom while Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill continues its blocking party. Way to be “Gospel Centered” Bill.

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  1. You could always open another twitter account “we2”, “we3” “we4”, etc, and simply ask the same questions again. 😉 Seems like cowardly behavior to me. I guess they’re afraid. Of what, one can only wonder. If one has done nothing wrong, one has nothing to fear. shrug…

    One has to wonder if Jesus would have “blocked” the pharisees of his day. It’s an interesting question that can’t really be answered. Perhaps a better question would be if they would have blocked Jesus. ;-D

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