Evangelicals and Art: Tears of Heaven

Tears of Heaven is a musical by Frank Wildhorn. Its not really that popular in the United States but is quite popular apparently in South Korea. The musical is about a Vietnamese singer, American Colonel, and a Korean private before and during the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War.  Two gems from this musical are “Can You Hear Me?” and “I’ve Had to Learn.” The songs below are from the concept album I believe. Enjoy your weekend!

Rob Evan – Can You Hear Me?

Linda Eder and Rob Evan – I’ve Never Loved Like This

Linda Eder, Michael Lanning and Jackie Burns – Who Can You Trust?

Rob Evan – I’ve Had to Learn

Morgan James and Cast – Between Heaven and Earth

Linda Eder – Shadows of My Heart

Linda Eder – The First Time I Saw Paris