Evangelicals and Art: Martin Guerre

Martin Guerre is written by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil who wrote Les Miserables. If you loved Les Miz you will most certainly love this gem. Sadly it never took off. The musical is about a historical case of identity theft, that is famous in French history. In the musical that case of identity theft is set against the religious wars in France specifically the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. While all the tracks below are worth a listen I would say that Bethlehem and the stirring closing called “The Land of Our Fathers”are the best.  Have a good weekend!

Company – Bethlehem

Matt Rawle, Rebecca Lock and Company

Matt Rawle – Martin Guerre

Iain Glen and Juliette Caton – Tell Me to Go

John Owen-Jones and Matt Rawle – Here Comes the Morning

Iain Glen and Rebecca Lock – Tell Me to Go

Iain Glen and Rebecca Lock – All I Know

Rebecca Lock – Someone

Jerome Pradon – I Will Make You Proud

Marcus Cunningham, Matt Rawle, Rebecca Lock and Company – The Land of Our Fathers

David Rhys-Morris – Live with Someone You Love