Evangelicals and Art: Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It started out as concept album in 1970 and then went to Broadway in 1971. It was later made into a film. There have been multiple revivals and this has been one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most popular musicals. While I put up a number of selections I would listen to “I Don’t Know how to Love Him”, “Superstar” and watch the performances in “King Herod’s Song.”


Zubin Verla – Heaven on Their Minds

Kate Ceberano, John Farnharn, Jon Steve – Everything’s Alright

Yvonne Elliman – I Don’t Know how to Love Him

Victoria Reich – I Don’t Know how to Love Him

Inaki Baldasarre – King Herod’s Song (Argentina)

Rik Mayall – King Herod’s Song

Joanna Ampil, Jonathan Hart, Mike Dixon – Could We Start Again Please?

Glenn Carter – Gethsemane

Josh Young – Superstar (2012 Broadway)

Carl Anderson – Superstar

John 1941 Instrumental


One thought on “Evangelicals and Art: Jesus Christ Superstar

  1. As a musician, from a musical standpoint, I love the music. But as I matured as a believer, a lot of it rankled me. Its depiction of them getting drunk at the last supper, implied romance between Jesus & Mary M, and that it ends with the crucifixion, rather than the resurrection, all are fails, IMO. Of course, it’s not written by a believer, so as a mere artistic statement, it has validity, but one should never use it as gospel.

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