Eastern District Superintendent Eddie Cole Interviews EFCA President Kevin Kompelien

The Eastern District Superintendent Eddie Cole interviews Evangelical Free Church of America President Kevin Kompelien. This took place about 4 months ago but I wanted to get this published for people in the EFCA to watch.

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William Jennings Bryan

Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.

Proverbs 29:18 NIV

The other day I watched this video of Eastern District Superintendent Eddie Cole interview Evangelical Free Church of America President Kevin Kompelien. I have already done a biography of Eddie Cole and researched him which you can read in “Analysis of the Eastern District of the Evangelical Free Church of America.” I have also written a little about Kevin Kompelien. Recently I composed an open letter to the EFCA President regarding how his predecessor treated Matt Boedy’s  as he appealed to him for help regarding Riverside Community Church in Columbia, South Carolina.  You can read that open letter right here. In the interview the EFCA President speaks about what it means to be one, as apart of the EFCA. No doubt that will be emphasized in the EFCA One Conference in Austin Oaks Church in Austin, Texas in June of 2017.  I plan on reviewing and writing about these conferences as they happen from time to time. Plus there is much about Kevin Kompelien that I would like to write about, analyze and contemplate as I continue to look at this denomination. So this will help me wade into the water further.

By the way its my understanding that Eddie Cole ran the Baltimore marathon on October 15, 2016. This blog wants to congratulate Eddie on that accomplishment. I would encourage Eddie to one day look into the Marine Corps Marathon here in Washington, D.C. The lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon starts March 22, 2017. In the past friends, and colleagues in the D.C. area have gotten into it by registering when the lottery opens. I have to state that I am not a runner. My frame is 6’3″ 290 and I was built to play football which is what I did. But man when we had long distance running in football that was tough for a lineman. Okay I am dragging on the point of this quick post is to get that video up and out for the EFCA to watch. As this blog is going to be a resource on the EFCA that is one of my goals for doing this. Take care guys and know that I love you.


6 thoughts on “Eastern District Superintendent Eddie Cole Interviews EFCA President Kevin Kompelien

  1. Look up top, Eagle.
    As of today (Nov 17), the video never existed.
    And the chocolate ration of twenty grams has been increased to ten.


    • HUG…you know I read your comment earlier today and I want to say that I am a little surprised but I am disappointed that the EFCA would act like that. Here is why I am disappointed.

      1. The post I wrote was relatively without a lot of critique. I didn’t launch a post with a lot of hard core criticism. Nor do I want to do that day in and day out. AS the EFCA changes and ebbs and moves in the right direction I would like to encourage that development. For example when I wrote that post I decided to leave out the Community Evangelical Free Issue. I could have used Kevin Kompelien’s remarks as a way to ask hard questions about what is happening in the EFCA, but I chose to not do that at all. While this blog will talk about difficult issues in the EFCA I also want to develop this into a resource.

      2. The EFCA is being foolish if they believe in the 21st Century they can act like this. They draw more attention to their problems and issues and when you try and control the narrative like that it looks ugly. Its the Streisand Effect on the internet which is being amplified all over. On social media when an organization acts like that they draw more attention to themselves. Since this is Eddie Cole’s district this played out in Fellowship Church in Dallas, Pennsylvania. In the 21st century they are only going to amplify their mistakes and issues, and what was so secretive that he EFCA had to act like that?

      3. Its unnecessary and childish. You know I have approved some difficult comments about myself in the articles about Fellowship Memphis. For example I have had a couple of times where people affiliated with that Acts 29 church have called me profanities for writing about it. (You can go to the posts and see them) Do I enjoy any criticism? Not at all, but people have every right to criticize or disagree with me. That said I am wondering what was so controversial in that video with Kevin Kompelien that it had to be taken down?

      The EFCA behavior on issues like this raises my eyebrows. It confirms fears that exist in the organization in many ways. Lets see if any members from Salem Church which is where I believe the video was shot will weigh in and ask questions about this issue.


    • HUG: “Look up top, Eagle.
      As of today (Nov 17), the video never existed.”
      Good catch HUG, I’m curious if someone asked them why they took it down just after Eagle’s post, would their excuse contain “who is wonderingeagle?”. Two years ago, before I ran headlong into the buzzsaw of corrupt church leadership, I had no idea that this lack of scruples ran through christendom so wide and so deep.


  2. Wow, this is weird. The video was there for 4 months. It was there for everyone to see. It was on Salem Church’s (EFCA church on Staten Island, Eddie Cole was the Senior Pastor at Salem for 12+ years, before becoming EFCA Easter District President a couple of years ago) video blog (vlog):


    They took the time to make the video, edit it, post it, and point people to it. Presumably they wanted people to watch it. I watched it. It was innocuous, simply a casual conversation/interview about the direction of the EFCA, and its plans for the future. If I’m not mistaken, the video was filmed in Salem’s sanctuary on Staten Island, so presumably Salem’s tech team took a modicum of time & effort to put it together.

    And less than 2 days after this post…

    They take down the video.

    What was in it that they suddenly don’t want anyone to see?
    Why the paranoia?
    How bizarre.


    • Ejj

      I do not want to turn every post into a critique of the EFCA. If I do
      that the times they deserve strong criticism are going to be
      dismissed. Not just that but there are times I want to support parts
      of the EFCA that are healthy.

      That video was a good opportunity to just let people watch it. I
      thought Eddie came across well, and that he looked professional. I
      thought that it helped people place names with faces, etc… That is
      why I did a quick post. I am interacting with a few EFCA pastors here
      and there and I see the stats for the EFCA posts.

      So I am baffled why they acted the way the did. What are they
      embarrassed about? Why act that way? Why be childish? I do not get
      that? In the 21st century organizations cannot act like that at all.
      They are going to look bad and create problems as well.


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