Evangelicals and Art: Kiss of the Spider Woman

The Kiss of the Spider Woman is written by Fred Ebb and John Kander who also wrote Cabaret. Its based off a novel by Manuel Puig, and is about a gay man and a Marxist revolutionary in a Latin America prison. It deals with how two prisoners deal with torture, and life in prison by fantasy. The original cast featured Chita Rivera who is known for her performance in this musical. If you are pressed for time I would listen to “Dear One” , “The Day After That” and the title song. Have a good weekend!

Anthony Crivello – The Day After That

Brent Carver, Chita Rivera and cast – Where You Are


Anthony Crivello, Brent Carver, Kirst Caranhan and cast – Dear One

Brent Carver, Merle Louise  – You Could Never Shame Me

Jerry Christakos, Jeffrey Huard, and Anthony Crivello – Gabriel’s Letter/My First Woman

Anthony Crivello – Marta

Brent Carver, Anthony Crivello, Chita Rivera – Russian Movie/Good Times

Vanessa Williams, Harold McGillin, Brian Strokes Mitchell – Anything for Him

Chita Rivera – Kiss of the Spider Woman