Evangelicals and Art: 1776

For this July 4th holiday I am going to throw up a classic by Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone. 1776 premiered on Broadway in 1969. Its about John Adams efforts to get the Declaration of Independence passed. Can anything be more fitting for this July 4th weekend? If you are pressed for time I would suggest “Mama, Look Sharp” and “Is Anybody There?” This weekend I have a barbeque, day trip planned and I am thinking of braving the crowds on the National Mall to watch fireworks. I need to check the weather. Have a good and safe holiday.

Brent Spiner and Cast – Overture and Sit Down John

Redlands Bowl Production –  But Mr. Adams

Virginia Vestoff and William Daniels – Till Then

Betty Buckley – He Plays the Violin

Local Theater Production Unknown – Cool, Considerate Men

Jacob Hoffman – Mama, Look Sharp

The Krokodiloes – Mama Look Sharp

Ken Howard,  William Daniels, and Howard Da Silva – The Egg (Movie)

William Daniels – Is Anybody There?

1776 Final Scene of the Vote

6 thoughts on “Evangelicals and Art: 1776

  1. My favorite is “Molasses to Rum”.

    And the opening line by John Adams:
    “I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a Disgrace,
    Two constitute a law firm,
    And three or more make up a Congress…”

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