Videos from the Reason Rally 2016 Uploaded on Youtube

A quick posting of videos from the Reason Rally that have been loaded over the past week on Youtube. From The Thinking Atheist to The Friendly Atheist this is my effort to document the event I attended and wrote about.

“Among the many things I’ve never understood about religion is: In a world where we all have enough people above us who we have to answer to — a boss, a supervisor, a spouse, even your fucking kids, for some of us a parole officer, or in my case a court-appointed psychiatrist, whatever — we all have people whose asses we have to kiss to get through life. Why would you then choose to create a completely imaginary person who you live in fear of offending? Aren’t we all disappointing enough people in reality?”

Bill Maher speech at the Reason Rally

This is going to be a filler post. I have someone coming in from Milwaukee (Joe Blow) to stay with me and I am cleaning up my place and trying to make it more presentable. There are a number of things I noticed about the Reason Rally that have been uploaded into Youtube, and since I have written about it, I wanted to upload those videos to this blog. I will have an in depth post on Monday. Take care guys I will see you around, I also put up some Vanessa Carlton.


Seth Andrews

Richard Dawkins Speech

Reason Rally personal reflection

Friendly Atheist

Conversation with Christian Evangelist

Brief video on the Reason Rally