Questions that Members of Community Evangelical Free Church Should Ask in their Congregation Meeting

On Monday night Community Evangelical Free Church will have their first congregation meeting since the church learned what Steve Estes guided the organization through. With intent, Steve Estes led the church in covering up Brock’s alleged criminal activity – which include alleged felonies – to preserve his job at the Berks County Jail. There are a lot of questions that members should ask, here are some samples.

“The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.”

Peter Abelard

“Being a good leader requires you remembering you are there for a reason, and the reason isn’t certainly to have your way. High-integrity leaders not only welcome questioning and criticism – they insist on it.”

Travis Bradberry

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 NIV


Norman Rockwell “Freedom of Speech”

On Monday night Community Evangelical Free will have their regular congregation meeting. This will be the first time the church has met since their horrific policy of church discipline against an alleged domestic abuse victim got the attention of a blogger in Washington, D.C. area who writes about the Evangelical Free Church of America. If I attended the congregation meeting and was a member I would be asking a lot of questions. These are some of what I would be asking in light of what this blog has revealed about Steve Estes and Community’s leadership.

I want the leadership of Community Evangelical Free Church to know the following. I will continue to write about this church until the following happens:

  1. Steve Estes repents of how he treated his former daughter-in-law and seeks forgiveness from her family and parents. Steve Estes will hold a special service and repent to Elverson.
  2. The Elder Board repents in person to Hurit and her family. That her family sees something sincere, deep, remorseful and genuine.
  3. Brock Estes turns himself into law enforcement for the allegation of sexual assault and the allegation that he pointed a loaded gun at his wife at the time. Quite simply Hurit could have been killed.
  4. The Evangelical Free Church of America repents to Hurit and her family for not intervening when they should have. After all with the Evangelical Free Church of America buildings matter more than people apparently.
  5. If Community Evangelical Free Church does not repent then The Evangelical Free Church of America removes them from the denomination. They recall the loan made to the church and let the church fail and go bankrupt. If that happens then that is a case of reaping what it sowed.

If I went to the congregation meeting tomorrow these are the questions I would ask.

  1. Did Steve Estes promise the Youth Pastor position to Matt Carter and a higher salary in exchange for Matt coming down against his former daughter-in-law?
  2. Why was Kathy Eberly kept out of the entire process from start to finish? She is a counselor supposedly trained for these situations, why was she kept out of this situation?
  3. Why did Community Evangelical Free Church allow someone to desert her family and move to North Carolina and not practice church discipline against her? Especially after what happened to Hurit? Why is Community Evangelical Free being subjective in church discipline?
  4. Why wasn’t Brock disciplined for allegedly raping his wife?
  5. Why wasn’t Brock disciplined for allegedly pointing a loaded gun at his wife?
  6. Why was an alleged rape down played? In the average marriage does a man sexually assault his wife?
  7. Is Hurit’s name going to be read at this meeting still under church discipline?
  8. Did Brock Estes engage in adultery in seeing another person before his marriage was terminated. If so…why wasn’t Brock disciplined for his behavior?
  9. Now that the congregation knows what Steve Estes has done, and the alleged criminal cover up of his son’s allegations…does Steve meet the qualifications for Elder? Is he still above reproach? If not why is he preaching and teaching?
  10. Are there other allegations of criminal activity that have been covered up in Community Evangelical Free Church? For example child sex abuse or other cases of domestic abuse?
  11. Is John Barber still questioning people about who is “disgruntled?” Is John still trying to plug leaks to stop the hemorrhage of information from Community Evangelical Free?
  12.  Why wasn’t Brock encouraged to turn himself into law enforcement for his alleged criminal activity?
  13. Has Brock engaged in any questionable activity at the Berks County Jail? After all…if Brock allegedly pointed a gun at his wife what could he do to an inmate?
  14. Finally…since Steve Estes holds to reformed theology this is a question I would personally like to ask. Has Steve’s corruption been ordained by the Lord in his sovereignty?

I want the leadership of this church to know that I will be a pit bull on these issues until Hurit’s family receives an apology and the church repents. When this wrong is made right and the church has done the right thing then Elverson can heal. The power to do all this rests with Steve Estes and the leadership. This issue and their behavior is up to them. The Bible speaks as to what repentance is, and a pastor who teaches at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia shouldn’t have to be taught this…he’s a teacher after all and he should lead by example. I will be writing about what I have heard in the congregation meeting. I am still writing a post examining the Elder Board in great detail. Mike Culbert, Rick Renninger and Larry Kenney and Chris Schreirer committed horrific moral failures as Christians. As medical professionals Dr. Kenny and Dr. Schreier have received extensive medical training in their profession and they should have done the right thing. This upcoming post will shine the spotlight on their behavior. If any members of Community Evangelical Free wants to talk by email or phone I would be happy to discuss. Plus there are a multitude of former members who have a great sense of discernment in Elverson, Morgantown, Phoenixville and elsewhere that members should reach out to and discuss. As always I love you guys!


10 thoughts on “Questions that Members of Community Evangelical Free Church Should Ask in their Congregation Meeting

  1. Why was Steve Estes’ purposeful misrepresentation of factual details to the church, in order to excommunicate Hurit, permitted by the elders?

    Why did the elders conspire in agreement with Steve Estes to lie to the congregation?

    Did Steve Estes use coercive or other unethical behavior to obtain the elders cooperation?

    What disciplinary actions are to be taken to correct Steve Estes lies?
    What disciplinary actions are to be taken to correct the elders for agreeing to lie with Steve Estes?

    What else is the leadership of the church hiding?

    How can the church restore Hurit’s good name that the church stole from Hurit? What can we do to make restitution to Hurit? Should the church offer Hurit a financial gift? Can the church reinstate Hurit?

    Who else in the church participated in the schemes against Hurit? What disciplinary actions will be taken?

    How will we prevent anything like this in the future? What can we do about the temptation of nepotism within our church?

    Is our church worth saving?

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    • None of these questions were asked. Actually what CEFC did to an alleged rape victim was never discussed. I ma communicating with people in the know, and I have a good understanding of what was said in the congregation meeting. The church is in for hard financial times, they talked about how they are under attack. That sums it up perfectly!


    • This is going to be a long, painful bleed Jen. The church is on its descent. Its sad…if Steve Estes and the Stoltzfus leadership just repented and confessed how they are wrong. Steve is going to take down CEFC because of his actions. Why can’t he repent and own his error? I don’t get that at all.


  2. Steve doesn’t think he did anything wrong and just keeps sweeping it under the rug. This church could be a beacon of faith bringing more people to Christ but Steve’s ego gets in the way….so sad…..because so many good people are being affected.

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    • I just finished reading Hurits letter on Lori Planks FB page. So many more details on what happened. I was even more shocked! This church and its members are the antithesis of what Christianity is. Just horrible, but my faith says good will overcome evil.

      Keep the pressure on them David!

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