The Reason Rally 2016 – In Pictures

These are pictures that I took at the 2016 Reason Rally this afternoon. This was the largest atheist event in United States history. I want to get these up first to allow you to see what happened at the rally. My next post will be a review of the event and my thoughts about what I witnessed. Feel free to comment below, as always I love you guys!

“All thinking men are atheists.”

Ernest Hemingway

 “It’s an incredible con job when you think about it, to believe something now in exchange for something after death. Even corporations with their reward systems don’t try to make it posthumous”

Gloria Steinem


The last picture I took, but I wanted to lead off these pictures with this protester.


Christians evangelizing and protesting the Reason Rally.


Christians evangelizing people as they enter or leave the Reason Rally from 23rd St. NW. The Lincoln Memorial is in the background.


The Flying Spaghetti Monster.


The crowd on the left side of the Reflecting Pool.


Main stage with James Randi speaking.


The main stage with both screens present.


Participant with sign.


Looking back at the base of the Lincoln Memorial toward the Washington monument.


The right side of the Reflecting Pool with the crowd.


Some of the signs people were using during the event.


Openly Secular allowing people to tell how they became an atheist.


Center for Inquiry had the largest booth.


Center for Inquiry give away.


Camp Quest and Foundation Beyond Belief answering questions.


Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is the organization known for legal action against Nativity scenes on public property.


American Atheists table filled with literature.


David Silverman’s new book being promoted.


Freedom From Religion Foundation led by Dan Barker and out of Madison, Wisconsin.


The Humanist Society passes out free give aways.


Talking about “death with dignity.”


A service member signing up at Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. That is Jason Torpy who is the President.


Washington Association of Secular Humanists shows its presence.


Secular Student Alliance and students from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. (Go Bucky!)


Recovering From Religion mans their booth.


Secular Coalition of America being worked.


The “Sunday Assembly” or atheist church movement.


United Coalition of Reason, and Jason “Jase” Heap its Executive Director who is suing to become the first humanist chaplain in the United States military which I wrote in this post here.


Christian books dealing with de-conversion and finding atheism.


My seat for a couple of hours at the Reason Rally.


Bill Nye speaking at The Reason Rally.


Bill Nye speaks while an atheist from the US military who is involved in Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers listens.

10 thoughts on “The Reason Rally 2016 – In Pictures

  1. Blue….I am working on Wednesday’s post about the rally. I had a blast. It was challenging and fun, and I appreciated many of the people I got to talk with. In the course of time I am probably going to get to know a few and I am looking forward to it.

    Oh and …I am jealous in return because much of my time is spent in DC traffic staring at license plates in front of me.


    • Hi Buzz. How can someone be the enemy of something that doesn’t exist? That is the atheist perspective. It’s like thinking that Christians declare themselves the enemies of Thor or Bishamon. These aren’t deities that most Christians would consider real. Similiarly the atheist doesn’t believe that “God” exists. And I am assuming you are referring to the Christian god, correct me if that’s not the case.

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  2. I’m just a bit curious what the draw is with such events. I’m wary of and don’t attend political rallies, I don’t attend religious rallies or conventions, so I figure if I was an atheist I wouldn’t be there even if it was in my home town. All my experiences have found events are high on propaganda, dividing us from them, and short on understanding or respecting a different values or points of view. Even when billed as inclusive I later read excerpts that appear to single out someone as the bad guy(s).

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    • Bill this event is going to draw more dedicated atheists, skeptics, and secular humanists. Its like T4G in Louisville…someone who travels to that from Portland, Oregon is a dedicated believer.


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