Evangelicals and Art: Vangelis

For this weekend I am going to throw up the music from Vangelis, who is a well known Greek composer.  He has composed jazz, orchestral, film scores, electronic and progressive music. His best known work is for the movie Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner which is believed to be some of best film scores that have been composed. Mythodea is a choral symphony composed in 1993, it was re-done and released in 2001 to coincide with the NASA Mars Odyssey entering Mars in 2001. I will throw up some more in the course of time. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Chariots of Fire  Theme Song

Chariots of Fire – Jerusalem

Blade Runner- Love Theme

Blade Runner – Main Theme

1492 Conquest of Paradise

1492 Conquest of Paradise – Main Theme

Chariots of Fire – Live Performance



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