Renee Gamby’s Call for Current or Former SGM Members to Contact Susan Burke for the Second Class-Action Lawsuit Against Sovereign Grace

In the Facebook Group We Stand with SGM Survivors Pam Palmer’s daughter Renee Gamby asked for people to contact Susan Burke for the Virginia lawsuit against Sovereign Grace. She gave me permission to re-publish her statement and I am trying to give her more attention.

“Peace and justice are two sides of the same coin.”

Dwight David Eisenhower

“It is justice not charity, that is wanting in the world.”

Mary Wollstonecraft

“For I, the Lord, love justice. I hate robbery and wrongdoing. I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering and make an everlasting covenant with them.

Isaiah 61:8 NLT

Today’s post is going to be very brief. I just want to republish Renee Gamby’s request for people to contact Susan Burke for the upcoming Sovereign Grace lawsuit in Virginia. Due to some of the readership I am having and some of the people contacting me I wanted to get this information out in other parts of the internet and draw attention to this issue. As always you can contact Renee Gamby through the Facebook group We Stand with SGM Survivors. My hope is that peace will come, justice attained, and the wrong that was purported on many will be righted. Again I love you guys!

To all the ex-SGM or current SGM members, if there are any survivors of sex or physical abuse that want to join the active class-action civil lawsuit against Sovereign Grace Ministries and their churches or are interested in finding out information about it, contact our lawyer Susan Burke or 410.733.5444.
Leave a message that you are related to SGM and she will personally call you back. The lawsuit was dismissed in MD due to technicalities, NOT because of the merit of the case. There will be a Virginia lawsuit coming up. And of course, please PM me if you have any questions about it or need any kind of support! So many people have been harmed by these churches. Know that you are not alone, and we are all fighting for justice and protection for little children!

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  1. Thank you for publicizing this. I believe T4G/TGC/Grace to You are effectively complicit in child sex abuse coverup because they refuse to acknowledge victims. Members of TGC have also smeared a victim without apology, and released misinformation, all while smearing bloggers as not fact-checking. They have shown utter disdain for victims on multiple occasions, attacking Christians advocating for survivors as exploiting victims. Many high profile evangelicals have chosen the side of the oppressor while thinking themselves better than the Catholics who covered up their own scandal. It must be exposed and all evangelicals must deal justly. People hurt by SGM matter to God, and His church stands with them to love and support. Anything less is not Christianity, it is exploitation.

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