Do any Members of Community Evangelical Free Church Want to Meet me on April 16 or April17? Now is Your Chance

A week from today I will be in Elverson, Pennsylvania. I am offering to meet with members from Community Evangelical Free Church and place a name to a face. If the leaders desire, I would be happy to attend Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson on Sunday morning.

“The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate.”

O Henry

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


“Its great to go on your own and discover new things just for yourself, to meet new people and all that. If you’re all on your own, then there is no one there to guide you and you have to make all the decisions yourself. It’s quite liberating in a way.”

Dido Armstrong

“He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings.
    His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day”

Psalm 91:4-5 NLT



Steve Estes preaching



Matt Carter’s picture

The pictures up above I took the last time I attended Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania. I was setting the stage for telling this story. I read, researched and examined the situation so much that I also decided to take a trip to Elverson and see it for myself. I ordered a slice of pizza at Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta which I highly recommend. I walked down Main Street in Elverson, past the Stoultzfus Enterprises. I studied the town intensely on Google Earth…so much so that when I drove down Main Street I knew to turn right on S. Brick Lane which would take me to Community Evangelical Free Church.

I attended Community Evangelical Free and by chance found myself sitting next to Verna Estes. While there I studied the church deeply, looked at the property, perused the library and noticed that the church was theologically hijacked at one point by how its library was structured. I wanted to listen to Steve Estes preach in person and study his style. I wanted to observe him in his surroundings, and with what I knew about Hurit’s excommunication service I wanted to see the people there and see if this had bubbled up to the surface. That was the first reason why I went.

I am going to be in York, Pennsylvania for the day on Friday April 15. I decided to take the weekend and head over to the Elverson area and make myself available to any members from Community Evangelical Free Church. If anyone wants to meet with me, talk, discuss the situation with Hurit, or more I am willing to engage and listen. Likewise if I am wrong about anything I am open to hearing about it. One thing I like about writing is meeting with people. If you want to meet me, shake my hand, and more now is your chance. Plus I’ll throw in this if you are a current member of Community Evangelical Free Church I will gladly purchase you coffee. I know there has been some recent resignations over the discipline of Hurit and I know more are in the works. I also know that some people are wavering in light of the information that has gone forward. For those wavering I am willing to talk and discuss the situation.

I also want to offer this as well. If the leadership of Community Evangelical Free Church want me to attend Sunday morning service I would be happy to sit through it. I just ask that they be clear about if they want me to attend or not. This weekend I also sent an email to Steve Estes, Dave Stoultzfus, Al Kimball, Matt Lambert, Matt Carter, Merle Stoultzfus, Cliff Montgomery, Rick Renninger, Matt Griffith, Mike Rudolph, Dr. Larry Kenney, Dave Stott, and Dr. Chris Schrier. In the email I offer to meet with a couple of them, shake their hand, and discuss the situation with them. I am open to hearing their side of the story and discuss with them.

I am a people person in many ways. I do not hide behind my computer screen in my kitchen. Here in the Washington, D.C. area I am excited to meet people who read, email me or want to talk, and this past week I met someone else. Its led to some interesting conversations, discussions and friendships. Its with that in mind that I want to make this opportunity to meet with anyone from Community Evangelical Free Church. So if you want to meet email me at and let’s set something up.

I am going to close with a humorous clip from an American classic with a song that is well known. Its the ending scene of Vacation when the Griswald’s arrive at Walleyworld. According to World Atlas the Griswalds drove 2014 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. In my roadtrip from Washington, D.C. to Elverson, Pennsylvania I am driving 125 miles. So having said all that if you want to meet let’s do so…for members of Community Evangelical Free Church coffee is on me.


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