Evangelicals and Art: Damn Yankees

On April 7 the Washington Nationals had their home opening here in D.C. Since baseball season is here I thought I’d throw up another classic about the late Washington Senators. This is called Damn Yankees and is about a middle aged man who makes a pact with the Devil to play for his beloved Senators who are losing against the arch nemesis the New York Yankees. The music is by Jerry Ross and Richard Adler. In came out in 1955, was made into a film in 1958 and had a good revival in 1994. If you are pressed for time I would give “Whatever Lola Wants” a listen as well as “Goodbye Old Girl.” Enjoy your weekend.

Dick Latessa and Jerrod Emick – Goodbye Old Girl

Victor Garber – Those Were the Good Old Days

1994 Cast – Heart

1994 Cast – 6 Months out of Every Year

1994 Cast – Shoeless Joe

Stephen Douglas and Shannon Bolin – A Man Doesn’t Know

Gwen Verdon and Stephen Douglas – Two Lost Souls

Whatever Lola Wants

Bebe Neuwirth – Whatever Lola Wants

Gwen Verdon – Whatever Lola Wants (1958 Film)