Evangelicals and Art: Pacific Overtures

Today I am going to throw up some Stephen Sondheim. Pacific Overtures is a neat musical if you like Japanese history. The musical is about the westernization of Japan from the Japanese perspective. The musical opened on Broadway in 1976 and lasted for only 193 performances. If you are pressed for time the song I would listen to is Pretty Lady. Also memorable is Someone in a Tree and Next. The song Next is about the growth and influence of Japanese culture on the global stage. Have a great day!


Original Broadway Cast – Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea

Alvin Ing, Ricardo Tobia – There is No Other Way

Tim Fuji, Patrick Kinser-Lau, Gedde Watanabe, Leslie Watanabe РWelcome to Kanagawa

Kennedy Center Performance – Someone in a Tree

2004 Broadway Revival? – Someone in a Tree

Isao Sato – A Bowler Hat

John Owen-Jones – Pretty Lady

Eugene Perry, Herbert Perry, Mark Jacoby – Pretty Lady

Original Broadway Production – Next

Mako – Next