Evangelicals and Art: Trevor Rabin (The 6th Day and Remember the Titans)

Trevor Rabin is a South African musician who is known for playing for the English progressive rock band Yes. He scored Steven Segal’s “The Glimmer Man” and he has done a lot of work for Hollywood. There is too much too feature from Rabin in this post, and it will be broken out over the course of time. I featured some of his music a while back, today I am throwing up some more. Today I am featuring the scores from The 6th Day and Remember the Titans. If you want to learn more about Trevor Rabin, you can do so here

The Rooftop

The Rescue

Playing God

One for the Team

Adam’s Theme

Adam Goes Home

Titans Spirit

Improv Piano to Titans Theme

Remember the Titans Theme

The Game

The Field

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  1. Big fan of Yes & Trevor Rabin. It seems we have more in common than I thought. Thanks for posting these. There are strong rumors that Rabin, Rick Wakeman, & Jon Anderson have a new musical project in the works, confrimed on Wakeman’s web site.


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