Evangelicals and Art: City of Angels

City of Angels is a musical by Cy Coleman and David Zippel. This is a musical with two story lines. The first is of a writer trying to turn his book into a screenplay. The second is of the characters in the fictional film. The musical is about the genre of films that came forth in the 1940’s. The original cast featured Randy Graff, James Noughton, and Gregg Edelman. I actually saw this with my sister in Los Angeles when I was in high school, and deeply enjoyed it.  If you are going to listen to a sample I’d recommend “You’re Nothing Without Me” which is about an author and his main character fighting with each other. Have a good weekend! 🙂

Gregg Edelman – Funny

Fiona Hendley – It Needs Work

Australian Institute of Music – With Every Breath I Take/Funny

Randy Graff and Kay McClelland – What You Don’t Know About Women

Haydn Gwynne and Fiona Hendley – What You Don’t Know About Women

Kay McClelland – With Every Breath I Take

James Noughton and Kay McClelland – With Every Breath I Take (Duet)

USC Production – The Tennis Song

James Noughton and Dee Hoty – The Tennis Song

Staples Players – You’re Nothing Without Me

Gregg Edelman, James Naughton – You’re Nothing Without Me

Randy Graff – You Can Always Count on Me

James Noughton, Randy Graff Gregg Edelman and Cast – I’m Nothing Without You (Broadway Finale)

Roger Allam, Martin Smith, Fiona Hendley and Cast  – I’m Nothing Without You (London Finale)

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  1. Don’t forget Gershwin. Lift a glass to him when ya’ get time. An American in Paris is some of the sexiest music ever put to bass & treble bars. Written at a time when sexy meant way more than Beyonce and Taylor Swift…

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