Evangelicals and Art: Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky is who I am going to throw up this weekend. Steve has done many scores for movies and has been mentored by Hans Zimmer. I’ve thrown up Steve before but he has so much work to feature. As such his music sounds like Hans Zimmer in many ways. I love listening to his works and find them to be stimulating to my ear. I really dig those French horns and choruses in his works. Today I am going to throw up his work from the Transformers series. Enjoy! 😀

Transformers – Arrival to Earth

All 3 Transformer Scores

Transformers 3 – It’s Our Fight

Transformers 3 – Battle

Transformers 3 – There is no Plan

Transformers 3 – Sentinel Prime

Transformers 3 –  The Fight will be Your Own

Transformers 3 – The World Needs You Now

Transformers 2 – Matrix of Leadership

Transformers 2 – Prime

Transformers 2 – I Claim Your Sun