Evangelicals and Art: Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans)


You know Trevor Jones music! Trevor Jones helped compose the score for The Last of the Mohican’s soundtrack. He’s done a lot more to include I Robot, Mississippi Burning and others. Trevor Jones is a South African composer. But he is mostly known for his soundtracks which are described as passionate and stirring. If you want to read more about Trevor you can read his bio here. Today I am going to throw up Last of the Mohican’s in differing forms to listen to. Its classical music next weekend.  I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. Its sunny and beautiful here in DC. Aside from the gym I have nothing else planned! Take care guys, I love you!

Trevor Jones conducts Last Of the Mohicans


The Glade

The Gael (Royal Scots Dragon Guards)

The Gael (Performed by Scottish military, lots of bag pipes!!)

Pieces of a Story

Munro’s Office/Stockade

Massacre/Canoes Scene



2 thoughts on “Evangelicals and Art: Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans)

  1. One of my favorite movie soundtracks ever. It was denied a chance for an Oscar because the director had Trevor Jones change it at the last minute from an electronic score to the orchestral one. A second composer was brought in to help out and thus made it ineligible.

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    • Yeah I listen to this often Blue. It inspires me when I am stuck in Washington, D.C. traffic. I want to get out of my car and run like Daniel Day Lewis did through the woods with this music in the background!

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