Evangelicals and Art: Hans Zimmer

Today I am going back to Hans Zimmer. Zimmer composed a lot of great music of which I just enjoy listening. If you are interested I wrote a previous post that featured some of Hans Zimmer so if you like this you can listen to more here. Today I am going to feature the music from Gladiator, Rush and The Rock. Hands down I think the Gladiator is Hans Zimmer at his finest. Enjoy your weekend, here in Washington, D.C. it is raining! 🙂


Gladiator – Now We Are Free

Gladiator – Barbarian Horde

Gladiator – The Might of Rome

Gladiator – The Battle

Gladiator – Theme

Rush – Lost but Won

Rush – Sampling

Rush – Soundtrack

The Rock – Theme

The Rock Navy Seals