Evangelicals and Art: The Book of Mormon

Hasa diga eb…whoops… if I finish that sentence I’ll probably lose a lot of people! 🙂 All I will say is that there is a show stopping number in the Book of Mormon you have to see someday. LOL! Seriously, this weekend I wanted to go back to Broadway and focus on a musical that will be playing in the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. next month. Its the musical called the Book of Mormon written by Trey ParkerMatt Stone and Robert Lopez who have been involved in South Park. At least Parker and Stone have been…I am not sure about Lopez. The musical is about two Mormon missionaries who go to Uganda in Africa. THIS musical is on my list of things to see, plus given some of my Mormon background in college when I looked into Mormonism I do want to hear a song where they are singing about the Garden of Eden in Jackson County, Missouri. That said enjoy!

Andrew Rannells  – I Believe

Josh Gad, Nikki James – Baptize Me

Andrew Rannells, Josh Gad – You and Me (but Mostly me!)

Nikki James – Sal Tlay Ka Siti

Cast/Company – I Am Africa