Evangelicals and Art: John Williams

John Williams is one of the most well known and established Hollywood composers. You know his work….if you’ve seen Star Wars, ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park, etc… you know his music. My personal favorite actually leads, its the theme from Jurassic Park. Enjoy your weekend!

Jurassic Park Theme

Star Wars Episode 1 – Duel of Fates

Saving Private Ryan – Hymn to the Fallen

Star Wars – Star Wars Theme

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Main Theme

Jaws – Main Theme



One thought on “Evangelicals and Art: John Williams

  1. While not a big fan of the Jurrasic franchise I loved the theme. A few times it was on TV I walked in from another room just to enjoy the music, especially how it was so well wed to visual images, grand and graceful.

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