Evangelicals & Art: Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is one of the most prolific composers in Hollywood today. I love his music quite a bit and listen to it often. He’s written the scores for movies such as “Gladiator”,”The Dark Night”,”Man of Steel”,”Inception” and so many others…. With that said this weekend I would just like to leave you with some Hans Zimmer. I’ll be sharing a lot of him as time continues. Next weekend it will be back to Broadway.

Man of Steel – Main Theme

Man of Steel – Flight

Man of Steel – Terraforming

Crimson Tide – Main Theme

Inception – Time

Inception – Dream is Collapsing

3 thoughts on “Evangelicals & Art: Hans Zimmer

  1. Zimmer is a real talent. My favorite tracks by him are “Deliver us” and “The Burning Bush” from The Prince of Egypt. I mean, the way he uses that simple phrase for God’s theme is just masterful, I can’t get over it. Plus, I grew up watching the movie, so it has a certain innocent nostalgia to it. When I hear the music, I can almost remember what it’s like to have childhood wonder and trust. You have good taste, Eagle.

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