My Own Personal Renaissance

On weekends I will be loading a couple of videos either of classical music, Broadway, or something representing the arts. I had a personal renaissance in my faith crisis and it was one of the good things that came out of it. I re-discovered classical music and theater again. There is one good aspect of my faith crisis that I want to explore on the weekends. My faith crisis led in many ways to a personal renaissance when it comes to theater, music, and art. Before I get into my history in these areas let’s look at what the Renaissance period is actually. According to Wikipedia the Renaissance is: “a period from the 14th to the 17th century, considered the bridge between the Middle Ages and Modern history. It started as a cultural movement in Italy in the Late Medieval period and later spread to the rest of Europe. Some good early examples were the perspective within painting and the recycled knowledge of how to make concrete. Although the invention of metal movable type sped the dissemination of ideas from the later 15th century, the changes of the Renaissance were not uniformly experienced across Europe” As a cultural movement, it encompassed innovative flowering of Latin and vernacular literatures, beginning with the 14th-century resurgence of learning based on classical sources, which contemporaries credited to Petrarch; the development of linear perspective and other techniques of rendering a more natural reality in painting; and, gradual but widespread educational reform. The word Renaissance, literally meaning “Rebirth” in French, first appears in English in the 1830s.[15] The word occurs in Jules Michelet‘s 1855 work, Histoire de France. The word Renaissance has also been extended to other historical and cultural movements, such as the Carolingian Renaissance and the Renaissance of the 12th century.   My family has always been big into arts, music and theater. My parents feel strongly about this and raised me with a strong awareness of art, music and theater. When I was in middle school my parents felt so strongly about theater that they took me to see Les Miserables in the Shubert Theater of Los Angeles. In the course of time that was followed by seeing many other musicals through my parents or siblings such as Phantom of the Opera, City of Angels, Little Night Music, Cats, Starlight Express, Miss Saigon, Lion King, Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Mom felt strongly about theater that she took my sister to see a Broadway production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in Chicago. In addition over the years I have seen many museums, and listened to a lot of classical music. I’m sorry gals…as a guy ballet doesn’t do it for me. Best nap I ever had was seeing the Nutcracker in the San Francisco Opera House in high school. Now when I started to descend into evangelicalism much of this went by the wayside. I stopped paying attention to theater, and stopped listening to classical music. I don’t know if it was intentional, planned, changing tastes, etc… but I lost interest in so much that I once held dear. It was during my faith crisis that I started to re-discover some of this again. I started to attend musicals at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and saw Jekyll & Hyde, La Cage Aux Folles, and Wicked. I started to re-discover classical music again…filling up my apartment is Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, Aaron Copeland, Vivaldi, etc… Now I listen to such music as night. What I am going to do on weekends is do a short terse post of about three or four lines and threw in some videos for you to watch. I hope you like classical music, Broadway, opera, and much more. I plan on doing some of that on the weekends. I’ll also probably throw in some Hans Zimmer or other soundtracks as well from time to time. So to get it started let’s choose a couple of pieces. Vivaldi –  Four Seasons


Gustav Mahler – Symphony No. 1


Defying Gravity – Wicked


Little Night Music – Send in the Clowns